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Top Chef Las Vegas: Finally A Dessert Sends One Home

November 11, 2009 09:35 PM by DA Southern


Top Chef Las Vegas is getting down to the fun stuff and, believe it or not, Robin has managed to be slightly better than the worst cook at any given challenge. With brothers Michael and Bryan V leading the pack and Kevin seemingly regaining his mojo at the last challenge, it will be interesting to see if Robin survives yet another week.

The Quickfire Challenge

It was an all Padma Quickfire as the chefs had the task of serving Padma and Cookbook Author, Nigella Lawson, in bed at a posh Las Vegas Hotel. Now we were unsure if Padma had morning sickness or what, but it was bound to make for interesting conversation, if nothing else.


The Chefs hurried about in the thirty minutes allotted and worked in shifts to make the room service orders for the ladies. Robin was first up to the room with the ladies followed by Eli with his Rubin dish. Kevin did a steak and eggs dish and Michael V did a Cubin-inspired dish for the breakfast for Padma and Nigella. Jennifer was secure in a creamed chipped beef and Bryan was doing an egg dish of some sorts.

The chefs were greeted by the ladies after they got out of bed and Bryan’s dish was not a hit nor was Robin’s. The shining stars were Kevin and Eli and Eli managed a win but got no immunity for his effort.

The Elimination Challenge

A Las Vegas inspired challenge finally gave the chefs something to think about. The chef’s task was to walk around various casinos that they each drew on a knife and become inspired by the resorts with a dish for a crowd of over one hundred and seventy people and the judges.


Michael V had the New York, New York Casino; Jen C found herself at the Excalibur Casino ; Bryan V was inspired by the fish at the Mandalay Bay Casino; Robin noticed the art work at the Bellagio Casino; Kevin was inspired by simplicity at the Mirage Casino and Eli had a casino that truly fit him, the Circus Circus Casino.

The chefs were not excited for cooking creative dishes for over a hundred people in three and a half hours. There were several dishes of fish and beef and Robin was being brave by doing a dessert dish, which has been the foil of many a Top Chef chef-testant in the past.


Jen C’s beef dish was not a hit; Kevin, as usual, was very successful; Michael was doing chicken wings, fancy, of course, and the judges were pretty receptive; Robin’s dessert was not so good and it looks as if Robin is at the end of her rope; Bryan’s halibut was well received and was called “Professional” by judge Toby Young. Eli’s Circus Circus inspired dish was a mess and Toby Young had the line of the night when he said that Eli “Had gambled and lost.” Oh boy, could Robin skirt by once again?

The Judges Table

Padma called in Kevin and the brothers, which looks to be the way it will shake out in the end, leaving Eli, Robin or Jen headed out the door. The judges complimented the chefs and Nigella awarded Michael the win once again plus a bottle of wine and a trip to Napa Valley.

Robin was sure she was headed out the door and the judges grilled them on why they did what they did. Jen C wasn’t so very bad, but it was more her lack of vision and the boring dish she served. Robin stumbled through her usual excuse as to why her dish didn’t work and Eli’s dish was just a mess but he thought that conceptually he thought he was “Close to the mark.”


Jen C’s rapid descent in the last three challenges was very evident; Robin’s inability to cook a dessert was called into question and Eli was just frustrated and his dish echoed that frustration. The judges were unsure if Jen C could pull herself out of the tailspin she was in but, in the end, Robin had finally done enough to go.

Jen C is next if she can’t pull herself together but it definitely is shaping up as a brothers and Kevin final three unless one fails miserably in the next challenge.

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