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Ghost Hunters: Rattling Chains

November 12, 2009 01:08 PM by Ryan Haidet


Some very interesting footage was captured during Wednesday night’s episode of Ghost Hunters.  Built in 1837, a museum in New Hampshire was one site the TAPS team went to investigate — and the evidence they captured made it worthwhile.  Upon arriving at the Amos Blake House, a caretaker took them on a tour of the building while telling them stories of paranormal experiences.  Some of the instances included a ghost boy, phantom cat, full-bodied appartions and doors that close on their own.

After setting up all of their equipment, they shut the lights off and began their spooky search for spirits.  Jason and Grant started their work by trying to debunk some of the weird claims.  They then sat down in the children’s room and began chatting with the boy ghost.  Jason placed his flashlight on the floor in the off position and challenged the spirit to turn the light on.  It did.  “You win, good job,” Grant said to the spirit.  For better evidence, they placed a toy car on the floor and asked the boy to push it across the floor.  Nothing happened with them in the room, so they left the thermal imaging camera focused on the truck before moving on to the next room.

Jason and Grant moved their investigation to the basement when they smelled a strong stench of cat urine.  “There’s something else down here,” Grant said.  Even though nothing was spotted, Jason said he felt something brush up against his leg.  Suddenly, they heard what sounded like a cat purring.

Falling Pitchforks

During their investigation, Amy and Kris placed a camera in a room and when they walked out, they suddenly heard a loud noise.  They immediately returned to the room and watched the footage they had just captured.  The film showed that a pitchfork leaning on the wall fell over and hit a bunch of chains.  They were shocked after watching the footage and stayed in the room trying to get one more sign from the spirit — or whatever it was that moved the pitchfork.

During the reveal of the evidence, Jason and Grant showed the caretaker everything they captured — and it was good stuff.  They started out with the personal experiences, including the sounds and smells they experienced.  But none of that was as impressive as the pitchfork footage.  Upon blowing up the image and slowing down the speed, they found that the chain moved first before the pitchfork fell over.  It was certainly very odd video, but they weren’t completely convinced it was a ghost that moved the chain and pitchfork.

Down In Florida

Next up, the team went to Florida to the Abona building.  This location had reports of voices, doors that open on their own and sightings of full-bodied apparitions.  Amy and Kris started their investigation on the second floor when they began hearing strange noises.  They called out asking if anybody was there.  Of course, there was no answer.  They kept on looking around to see if they could spot anything paranormal, but there was nothing to see.  The origin of the sound remained unknown.

Jason and Grant were able to debunk claims of shadows because of the way the building is laid out and lit.  They went upstairs next and spoke with the spirits.  They challenged it to make their device light up or make a nearby door shut.  Nothing happened.  Boring.

They quickly wrapped up their investigation and started analyzing the evidence.  They did capture some eerie sounds, but nothing too thrilling.  The first investigation was far more interesting with the moving chains and falling pitchfork.

Next week, the TAPS team takes their investigation to yet another lighthouse.

Stay tuned…

Images courtesy of SyFy.

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