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Models Of The Runway: The Final Three Do More Than Model

November 12, 2009 10:10 PM by DA Southern


Models of the Runway models prepares to take off to New York to hopefully have their star hitched to their designer. Lisa is paired with the vivacious Carol Hannah, Tanisha and designer Althea have bonded as they head into Fashion Week and Kalyn, who seems to have the most swagger in her model stride, is paired with Irina for the final push as the designers put their crowning touch on their collections.

The models were watching backstage as Tim and Heidi announced that the three models would be choosing the model for the thirteenth look. The models were a bit shocked that they would be casting models, but took it all in stride.


Heidi greeted the models and quizzed them about the designer’s collections. Lisa was thrilled that Carol Hannah made her some pants of all things; Kalyn thought that Irina’s collection was “Very avant-garde” and Tanisha said that Althea stayed true to who she was as a designer.


The models found themselves casting the thirteenth model and found the process a bit more stressful than they had imagined and it was interesting to see the three models act like seasoned pros; you know catty about the looks of the models and how they held themselves. The girls did manage to finally settle on the models for the thirteenth look and presented their choices to the designers.


Irina and Althea were very pleased with the models that Kalyn and Tanisha had chosen, but Lisa had not gotten her first pick and wondered if Carol Hannah would be pleased. After meeting her and watching her walk, Carol Hannah thought she was indeed “Wilowy” just as she wanted.


It was family day as the model’s family each showed up to see them for the first time in a big show and finished by having a family meet-and-greet the night before the big show. After the warm fuzzies with the families, the models found themselves at the Runway at Bryant Park and the importance of the show finally sunk in; One of them would be a bit richer after the Runway Show.

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