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Project Runway: Part One of the Season Finale

November 12, 2009 09:54 PM by DA Southern


Project Runway gives us the first of the two-part season finale this week. While there will be no elimination to speak of, we will get a glimpse into the collections of Althea, Carol Hannah and Irina from the Master of Style himself, Tim Gunn, as we see who is bearing up better under the pressure. Based on the tenor of the season-to-date, Irina will be slightly cooler than the other two, Carol Hannah will be the most stressed, leaving Althea somewhere in the middle as a muddled mess.

Host Heidi Klum told the three that they had nine thousand dollars each and a couple of months to prepare a twelve piece collection for fashion Week. Believe it or not, Althea and Irina were still on each other’s last nerve over the whole “She copied me” thing that went on several weeks ago on the runway. So, that should give us the drama we have come to expect from Project Runway going into the final show.

Tim Gunn Visits

Huntington, NY was the first stop for Tim Gunn as he got a look at Carol Hannah‘s collection. Carol Hannah told Tim that she was recently inspired by architecture of Duke University and Tim had a lot of doubts about her collection. Carol Hannah said it was overwhelming but seemed to be a bit calmer than expected.


After a home-style meal with Carol Hannah’s family, Tim was off to New York where Irina was working on her collection. It figures that Irina lives in New York. Irina had some Coney Island inspired designs. Tim said that it could go either way and admired her creativity and risk-taking ability.

Tim chowed down with Irina’s family to get to know her and her family on a personal level. You could tell that Irina’s mom was much more supportive than her dad with the whole fashion design thing as her dad was more inclined to think it was too whimsical a way to make a living. Irina hoped that by winning Project Runway she would gain the respect of her father.


Dayton, Ohio was the final stop for Tim as he met with Althea for her design collection. Althea said that she started watching a lot of Sci-Fi movies after returning home and was inspired by the costumes from the movies. Tim’s main concern was that her designs were way too much like a bunch of costumes and again managed to score some eats from Althea’s family after telling her that she had a lot to think about and that she “Really needed to edit.”


Tim Gunn called Irina in a bit of a situation and told her that she could not use Coney Island images on her designs. It was an issue as she then said that she had ten days to re-design several pieces of her design.

Designers in New York

Althea and Irina were the first to arrive at the New York apartment and you could hear the crickets chirping with the awkwardness that still existed between them. Irina was hoping that Carol Hannah would soon arrive to help break the tension, but Tim informed the two ladies that she was sick.

4 Days to Runway Show

Irina and Althea hit the workroom and Carol Hannah finally showed up, still looking pretty rough. Tim again checked the collections of each of the designers and Althea’s collection was not as cohesive as he would have hoped.


Carol Hannah looked like she just didn’t care when talking to Tim as he was busy telling her to edit many of her designs more. Irina’s collection had a lot of black in the collection, which really bothered Tim as he was very concerned that she wasn’t where she needed to be at this point.


The girls were off to pick models and then had visits from Michael Kors and Nina Garcia who were there to give them valuable tips about their design collections. Nina specifically pointed out the danger of an all black collection to Irina, who disagreed with her but the other girls were glad to have the input from Kors and Garcia.

2 Days to Runway Show

Tim was in to bring in the three models from the show, Tanisha, Lisa and Kalyn. After the models had a session with the designers, Heidi and Tim were in to tell the designers that they had a final surprise awaiting them; a thirteenth piece that was to be designed for the Fashion Week show. Heidi announced that they would have help and in walked Gordana, Logan and Christopher to help them with their final design.


After a quick walk to Mood for the fabric and stuff needed for the thirteenth look, the designers went back to the hotel and the way we ended the episode was seeing Carol Hannah spend time in the bathroom as her stomach virus flared up. Nice image Project Runway. Thanks for that.

Next week is the big finale and we will see if who can finish strong and to be quite honest, anyone of the three could win this thing.

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