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So You Think You Can Dance: Exit Interview With Peter Sabasino And Pauline Mata

November 13, 2009 11:07 AM by Lisa Princ


After America’s first time voting this season on So You Think You Can Dance on FOX, Peter Sabasino and Pauline Mata were eliminated on Wednesday evening. Even more surprising is that the judges thought they did a decent job with the dreaded quickstep, yet it was ultimately their decision on who went home out of the bottom 6. Hear what Peter and Pauline had to say about their experiences on the show and what their future plans are.


First up on our interview was Peter Sabasino, and here is what Peter had to say:

Question: Nigel was very hard on all the solos on Wednesday, do you think 30 seconds is too tight a time limit for solos?

Peter Sabasino: I definitely think it is sort of a tight time limit to show the judges and America what you can do. You can’t do your best stuff in 30 seconds, I would like to see them move it up to 45 seconds.

Question: Were you surprised that fellow tapper Ryan C. was eliminated in Vegas?

Peter Sabasino: I was very surprised. Ryan is an amazing tapper and person. He has everything it takes to get far on the show.

Question: Since you were the 3rd tapper to be eliminated in 2 weeks, do you think future tappers will be discouraged to audition?

Peter Sabasino: I think if anything I hope I inspired future tappers to audition on So You Think You Can Dance. When the show first started they didn’t take tappers, and if I can make it to the top 20, any tapper can.

Question: What were your thoughts when you drew the dreaded quickstep?

Peter Sabasino: The quickstep was new to me, and I was excited to learn it.

Question: Do you think they have dancers learn to tap in the future on So You Think You Can Dance?

Peter Sabasino: I think it would be nice to have other dancers learn tap. I understand where the judges are coming from, but I also feel tappers are at a little disadvantage.

Question: On Tuesday night when Nigel said that he didn’t think you were going anywhere, did you think you would be going home?

Peter Sabasino: I was confident with the quickstep. It was a new style for me and I was excited to learn it. I kept my mind open, but when I found out I was in the bottom 3, I was expecting to be eliminated.

Question: What are you plans now?

Peter Sabasino: I am keeping my options open and taking it day by day. I would love to start my own tap show one day as there are no shows out there primarily tap based.


Next up for the interview was Pauline Mata. Here is what Pauline had to say:

Question: Were you surprised at how hard Nigel was on the solos?

Pauline Mata: I think they way Nigel compared us to the past competitors was because they are still fresh in their minds. But because they kept telling that Season 6 was the best ever, it was a little hard to hear that.

Question: What do you think about having so a solo in 30 seconds?

Pauline Mata: We just can’t showcase everything in 30 seconds. It should be longer as it’s such a challenge for the dancers.

Question: Were you surprised at the results show because you did receive positive feedback the night before?

Pauline Mata: In the past whenever someone has performed the quickstep they have always landed in the bottom. Given the fact that we did well it was a shocker to both Peter and I.

Question: Who do you think the top dancers will be on So You Think You Can Dance?

Pauline Mata: I have no idea. They are all so amazing in their own way that it will be a tough decision for America.

Question: What did you get out of the experience on the show?

Pauline Mata: I’ve grown in different areas. I can open my arms so big, I have grown as a dancer. And since there is no such thing as a perfect dancer, there is always room to grow. And of course, meeting all these new people as well.

Question: Did you have a sense of dread throughout the rehearsal about doing the quickstep?

Pauline Mata: I did, I knew it could be bad but then choreography came in and it was not bad at all. My initial thought was “Oh no, this is what every dancer doesn’t want”.

Question: What are your future plans?

Pauline Mata: I plan to teach dance at the studio where I grew up. I was also very interested in the wardrobe department on the show. I have always had a fashion sense in me and wanted to be a fashion designer, so I may get into that. I will always be in dance no matter what though.

In closing, both Peter Sabasino and Pauline Mata want to thank all their fans for watching them and voting for them. They encourage you to all continue watching the show. Thank you and best of luck to both Peter and Pauline!

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