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Supernanny: Naskiewicz Family

November 13, 2009 09:49 PM by Lisa Princ


Jo Frost is headed to Florida tonight on Supernanny on ABC to help the Naskiewicz family. This poor family is at the beck and call of a 4 year old boy, with mom going too easy on him and dad getting easily angered, this is a surefire recipe for disaster. With 3 other children as well, it’s pushing mom and dad to the verge of divorce. Will Jo be able to save this family and help spare this marriage, or will she be too late? Pull up a chair and keep reading to find out what happens next.

Supernanny sat in disbelief as she watched the tape on her way to Royal Palm Beach, FL. Once there she met the Naskiewicz Family which consists of Jen, Roy and their 4 children; Jordan age 12, Tanner age 9, Zachary age 4, and Kaia age 2. Jen and Roy were at the brink of disaster in their marriage, all over their disciplining differences. Jen would much rather kiss and cuddle her kids than discipline them, while Roy would rather scream and lose his temper. It was causing alot of friction and fighting between them. They were hoping Jo could help them save their marriage of 16 years.

Upon observing during the first day, Supernanny immediately noticed how undisciplined 4 year old Zachary was. She also observed how the home was run and things were done revolving around him. She observed Jen give in to numerous temper tantrums just to get him to stop having a tantrum, while Roy would come home and immediately hide claiming he had work to do on the computer. Even the other children had to revolve their day around Zachary, including playing outside or swimming in their pool. She also observed how Jen and Roy barely spoke to one another and when they eventually did, it ended up in an argument.

Now it was time for the parent meeting to discuss their plans. First on Supernanny on ABC Jo Frost decided to have a private conversation with Roy, who almost immediately broke down almost to tears. He didn’t like that his anger was so built up and he was taking it out on the kids, but it boiled down to him feeling like he was failing at parenting. Then Jo sat down with both Jen and Roy and had them draft up a “parent pact” with all the ways they could come together and discipline properly. Jo was amazed at how well they got along and agreed on all their thoughts and ideas. Maybe this wouldn’t be as hard as she thought it would be after all.

Supernanny then showed Jen and Roy how to use the naughty chair and utilize time out for Zachary. The first few times were rough, but they eventually got it right. Until it came down to the video that is, Jo noticed how neither parent did the steps properly, instead they were disregarding certain steps which was causing Zachary to act out again. Once called out on it, Jen and Roy decided to get serious and make it work for the sake of their children and their marriage. Jo Frost also noticed while reviewing the tape, how much Roy’s tone had changed from angry to calm and collected. This was a huge milestone for Roy and the family.

By the end of Supernanny’s visit both Roy and Jen realized what they had to do now to stop any further destruction of their family and most importantly, 4 year old Zachary who until now was spiraling out of control. Roy read a hand written note to Jen letting her know how serious he was about changing and how he did not want to throw 16 years down the drain. They both vowed to work on it and continue to discipline Zachary as Jo had taught them. Jo’s work was now done, another family saved courtesy of Supernanny on ABC.

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