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Survivor: Samoa — Kelly’s Idol Ouster

November 14, 2009 01:01 PM by Ryan Haidet


Blindsided.  One of the best in Survivor history.  Although it was great for fans of the show, Kelly Sharbaugh was on the bad end of the hidden Immunity Idol and was the latest contestant sent packing from Survivor: Samoa.  In a conference call with reporters, Kelly, who is also the second member of the jury, weighed in on several topics.  She chatted all about her elimination, impressions of Russell and admitted that she never looked for the hidden Idol even after receiving a clue for it.  Yep, you read that right.  I was so shocked by that statement that I offer up a rant at the end of the interview.  Check it out!


Question:  How does it feel to be snuffed by the hidden Idol?

Kelly Sharbaugh:  That’s what the Idol is for.  It was played the way it was meant to be played.  Hands down to Russell for finding two.  I wish I would’ve had a little bit of insight into it, but yeah, that’s how the Idol is supposed to be played.


Question:  Why didn’t you guys split the votes like Monica had mentioned?

Kelly:  I wish I would have been in on that conversation.  Honestly, the day that I got sent home, we all treated it like a vacation day.  We didn’t spend too much time strategizing or thinking — we were just thinking we were going to send Russell home.  The thought never crossed my mind that he would’ve already found the Idol, cause I had been on the Reward when he was looking for it.


Question:  After the Reward, did any of you use the clue to look for the hidden Immunity Idol?

Kelly:  It’s actually funny because we made a comment at the Reward Challenge, “Oh, I wonder if the Idol is under the bridge.”  There’s only so many big landmarks out there, and I felt like it would be under there.  No, honestly, the Reward Challenge was our day and we had the Immunity Challenge and then Tribal right away.  I wish I would’ve looked for it, but no I didn’t spend time looking for it.  I’m not sure if anyone else did.


Question:  What’s your impression of Russell?

Kelly:  I think being there and not seeing everything he was doing behind the scenes, I just thought he was a creep.  And he was just manipulative and trying to turn everyone against each other.  Having watched the show now, it’s given me a lot more insight to see how strategic he was and what a good game he was playing.  I mean, he’s by far the most strategic player on our season, like hands down.  I got to give it to him, he’s playing the game incredibly well.


Question:  What’s your take on Shambo?

Kelly:  I think Shambo is crazy.  I don’t think has strategy behind anything.  I think she’s playing this game based off completely emotions.  She’s like, “I don’t like Laura.  Laura needs to go home.”  Based off things like that.  I think it’s a little bit childish, and I don’t really have much respect for the woman. …  I think the terrible mistake was electing Shambo as the leader, because when somebody already has a little bit of a power trip in a dominating, condescending personality and you give them a little bit of power, they’re just going to run with it.


Question:  What is Laura like?

Kelly:  Laura is a really interesting person on many levels.  I feel like if we weren’t on this show together that I would’ve never gotten to know her — we’re so black and white.  I’m so liberal and she calls herself a fit version of Sarah Palin.  She’s very dedicated to her faith, but not in a preachy way at all.  It’s almost in a way that makes you want to learn about it, too.  There’s definitely times I sat down and prayed with Laura — the first time I’ve prayed in years.  I think that her edit is coming off making her look like a little bit bitchy, honestly.  Her conflict with Shambo, I think that Laura did the best she could.  I feel like Shambo’s been targeting Laura and was attacking her.  At some point you run out of patience and you have to respond.  Laura was standing up for what she felt, and I don’t think she did anything wrong.  Honestly, anyone living with Shambo in that environment would understand and have acted the same way Laura did.


Question:  What was your read on Mick?

Kelly:  Mick would be a great politician.  I didn’t see any of his leadership skills, so I don’t know what he was like back at camp.  Any question you ask him, he would never give a straight answer.  He would never say anything bad about anyone, never say anything good about anyone else.  Just very political answers.  I feel like he was definitely playing the jury the entire time he was there.

Question:  If you could pick the winner at the time of your elimination, who would you pick?

Kelly:  I would pick Brett.  He was my biggest ally there, which you really didn’t get to see.  Him and I were both playing similar gameplay, which is unfortunate that he’s not aired too much either.  I would’ve picked him hands down.  I think he’s definitely under the radar as far as people being intimidated by him and people thinking he’s a dominating threat.  I think he definitely is.  I think that he’s going to surprise a lot of people.


Question:  Are you happy with your edit?

Kelly:  I think I went into this game to play a game to win the money.  I didn’t go in to be a character or to be a villain or the center of attention.  That’s not who I am.  I feel like, yeah I didn’t get that much air time, but I was flying under the radar, I was in good with everyone, I had good alliances.  At the end of the day, I’m genuine.  So at least I left with my dignity.


Question:  How did you get picked for the show?

Kelly:  I met a casting director out and about.  She approached me and asked if I wanted to do it.  I was like, “I wonder if I could, it looks so hard.”  I started watching the seasons, almost studying like I was going to be on it.  Then, I’m super competitive in nature, so it just made me want to be on it even more — learning the strategy, the gameplay and everything.  I’m so thankful for the opportunity.


I typically use these interviews to simply allow the ousted contestant to tell their side of the story, but I feel compelled to interject.  I was completely stunned during the interview with Kelly.  As you read above, she said that she is a very competitive player who wanted to be a strategic force in the game.  In that same interview, she openly admitted that she never searched for the hidden Immunity Idol even after getting a clue to it.  I’m sorry, Kelly, but you deserved to be eliminated.  Even though you wouldn’t have found the Idol (because Russell had already grabbed it), making no effort to search for it is a fatal flaw.  She also said they even joked that the Idol might be under the bridge.  OK, then why not actually LOOK UNDER THE BRIDGE?!?!?!

Dumb decision.

Although a very nice person on the phone, Kelly was not somebody I feel was Survivor material.  Sorry.  Russell Hantz, Ben “Coach” Wade, Boston Rob, Cirie Fields, Amanda Kimmel — those are great players.


Images courtesy of CBS.

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