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Amazing Race 15: What The Heck Is A Candelabra?

November 15, 2009 07:17 PM by Britteny Elrick


After Gary and Matt squeaked through last week during a non-elimination leg, they have a lot of catching up to do – including an added Speed Bump. Tonight on The Amazing Race, the five remaining teams will be headed to the mysterious Estonia, where they will play mud volleyball in their undies and search through scary wine cellars for hidden clues. Keep reading to find out who was sent home…

With Flight Time and Big Easy leading the pack, teams must take a ferry across the Baltic Sea for their next clue. Unfortunately, once they reach the dock they realize they can’t depart until the next day, which gives the other teams a chance to catch up. Gary and Matt are especially grateful for this, considering they are leaving several hours after everyone and also have a Speed Bump to complete.  All of the teams make it on the ferry for a 16 hour ride to Estonia!



One team member must decent into a cellar and find a candelabra with a number attached.  Then they must take it to the corresponding room, light it up, and find a scroll, which they must hold the light up to in order to read.

Gary and Matt encounter their speed bump, which means they have to take a local sauna bus and sweat it out for five minutes.  Meghan and Cheyne and Brian and Ericka are the first to complete the road block and head to Pik Herman Tower for their next clue. As all the teams eventually complete the task, Matt is stuck in the cellar because he doesn’t know what a “candelabra” is. Really?



Teams must choose between Serve or Sling. In Serve, teams must play mud volleyball against locals.  In Sling, teams must stand in mud and use a slingshot to fire veggies at a moose target until a plate of cabbages falls down. Who comes up with this stuff? Oh, and they have to wear their underwear.  Oh, okay. So it’s a pervert that comes up with this stuff.


Meanwhile, Matt finally has the scroll in hand but thinks it’s a situation where he has to rub something off of it? Eventually he accidentally holds it up to the light and figures it out. Meghan and Cheyne are the first to complete the detour and move on to the pitstop at Keava Tower.

Big Easy and Flight Time and Sam and Dan are getting very frustrated as they are waist deep in the mud volleyball game. Meanwhile, Brian and Ericka opted for Sling.  Big Easy and Flight Time finally win the game and advance to be the second team at the pitstop. But hold your horses, they are going the wrong way – which results in Sam and Dan squeaking in just seconds ahead of them.

At last, Ericka and Brian advance to the pitstop to find out they are the final team.  Matt and Gary are eliminated.

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