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Extreme Makeover Home Edition: Stott Family and David Duchovney!

November 15, 2009 06:58 PM by Candace Young


Tonight Ty Pennington and his design team, along with television celebrity David Duchovney, travel to the state of Lena, Illinois where ABC’s Extreme Makeover Home Edition will build the Stott family a new home. Joey was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia, and got a bone marrow transplant in 2004, which sent the disease into remission. Philip and Joey Stott live in an old farmhouse with dangerous wiring issues, and soon after the positive medical news, they had a new problem when the house sparked, exploded, and was extremely damaged. The Stott family was nominated by Tom, who was also Joey’s donor – she has never met him…

Door Knock Day

Ty calls the Stott family outside on Door Knock Day. The family is overjoyed, and Ty informs them that they are headed to San Francisco on vacation!

They go to look at the sheep barn, and then Joey gets to meet Tom Wilhelm – the man who saved her life. She hugs him and calls him her angel – it’s incredibly moving. Joey takes Ty on a tour of the house, which has mold and mildew that threatens her immune system. They point out the faulty wiring as well.

Ed talks to the two teenage sons, one likes chemistry, math, and would like to cure diseases, the other likes dragons. The teenage daughter tells Paige she likes poetry. Ty hands them their wrapped mystery gift and send them on their way.


Paul and Ty clear out the family’s 29 sheep in order to tackle the renovation of the old barn. An army of volunteers come up the road, accompanied by some huge tractors! Rick Hasken from Hasken Construction says it’s time to raise that roof!

Tractor Pull!

The Stott family, meanwhile, is on the Golden Gate Bridge and get to see the volunteers and demolition – tractors chained to the house pull it over – on the laptop. The teens are particularly impressed.

Ty explains that the Stott family renovation is all about going green, and David Duchovney arrives to help out. Ed is experimenting with helium for the chemistry room, which will also have a floating bed! Paige has put a pink hardhat on Duchovney, who has been enlisted to help make a poetry wall for Kayla’s room. Paul checks in with the head electrician, telling him about the nightmare wiring in the old place.


Paige goes to check out a bone marrow registry drive going on in town. She lets the family know via laptop. Ty comes on and introduces them to David Duchovney, who tells them to open their gift – it’s San Francisco Giants tickets. At the game, another bone marrow registry drive is announced!

Back at the site, David listens to Tom’s story about donating his bone marrow as they work. Ed and Paige are at Sears buying up energy efficient appliances. Ed finds a line of energy star rated tools which causes Paige to have to drag him out.

The house is soon ready to go, and the sheep are brought back to the new barn. Furniture is carted into the Stott’s new home. David Duchovney goes to the airport to meet the returning Stott family, causing Joey to squeal with appreciation! Paul is there to present them with a new Ford Hybrid car to drive home in.

Move That Bus!

The Stott’s return and are floored by the number of volunteers. The chants of “Move that bus” begin almost immediately. The family, including the teens, have tears in their eyes at the sight of the new house. Rick Hasken, the builder, is thanked, as is Tom Wilhelm, who is told that his family is being sent on a Disney vacation as well!


The family goes inside the new house and pronounce it to be amazing. Ty tells them the floors are bamboo, and tells them about the other green elements.

The chemistry lab room goes over really big, as does Kayla’s poetry themed room – much jumping up and down ensues. Michael is stunned that they took one of his old dragon drawings and made it into an entire wall in his room!

Joey and Philip check out their beautiful new master bedroom, and marvel at the gate from the old sheep barn as their footboard on the bed! The cancer dragon Joey’s son made her when she was sick, has pride of place. The family is directed to the backyard, where they exclaim over the windmill, rainfall harvest tank, and new sheep barn.


The Stott’s thank the design team and Ty Pennington. Ty says, “Welcome home, Stott family, welcome home.”

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