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Dancing With The Stars 11/16/09: The Dance Floor Heats Up With Three Semi-final Routines

November 16, 2009 08:23 PM by Paulene Hinds


Tonight on Dancing With The Stars, the four remaining dancers have three chances to impress the judges and the viewers alike. We are just one week away from the finals and only the best will prevail. Will your favorite dancer make it through tonight? Make sure you vote if you want to see them go on!


After eight weeks of intense competition, the time has come for the semi-finals and the remaining dancers tonight were ready to give it their all to get their spot in the finals. First up tonight was Donny and his partner Kym. They were in last place going into this week and their first dance tonight was the Tango. Gilles Marini came in and gave them pointers. Their routine was a mess right from the beginning as Kym’s dress ripped and got caught a number of times. I did not like the music for a Tango either. Len said that the sadness was that the dance was a catastrophy. Bruno said that Donny went to pieces and Carrie Ann said that their was no drama on the floor and the costume ripped as well causing problems. They received triple 7′s a 21.

Next up was Joanna and Derek dancing a Viennese Waltz. Brooke Burke came in and gave Joanna pointers on how to relieve stress and deal with Derek. Their dance was beautiful and smooth. Bruno said that this Waltz had the grace of angels in heaven, but it didn’t quite go off to paradise. Carrie Ann said that Joanna has grown and took her breath away. Len said that their hold is as good as any professionals and it was a beautiful dance. They received 9, 9 and 9 for 27.


Coming to the floor was Kelly and Louis dancing the first Latin routine of the night and Kelly was required to perform a solo in this routine as were all contestants during their Latin dances this evening. Kelly was excited to dance the Rumba tonight and was going to bring it. The routine was very difficult, and I loved it and her. Carrie Ann said that she brought her to tears and has a magical quality that mkaes her love her. Len said that Kelly has turned into a very competent dancer and Bruno said she is very endearing, but her dance was not quite as erotic as it should have been. Their scores were triple 8′s a 24.

Next up in the first round was Mya and Dmitry. Mya brought in a dry erase board to set up the rules that would help them get into the finals next week. They were dancing the Waltz and were hoping to stay on top of the leader board. Mya is always smooth and again tonight she was awesome. Len said that he loved the dance and Bruno said the dance was love set to music. Carrie Ann said that she loved it too and Mya has the potential to get a 10 every time they come out, but Mya seemed a little disconnected. They received 9, 9 and 10 a 28.

The second round of three was next. Donny and Kym were dancing a Samba. Donny’s solo was rockin’. Donny’s arms are not that straight, but he makes up for it with his personality. Bruno said that Donny nailed the dance. Carrie Ann said that it was better than the last one, but it felt a little sloppy. Len said that he was going with Bruno and thought this dance was excellent. The judges gave them 8, 9 and 9 a 26.


Joanna and Derek were dancing the Cha Cha. She began her routine right off with a sexy solo. Carrie Ann said she loved it and Joanna truly is a dancer. Len said it was clean and crisp and could have been a bit more cheeky. Bruno said that Joanna is just natural sex and has achieved high standards in this competition. They received triple 9′s a 27.

Kelly and Louis were back dancing the Quickstep. Kelly has really grown from the first week. Her confidence is high even when she misteps. Len said that the dance was beyond his expectations. Bruno said, “Go Kelly go!” Carrie Ann said “Go get em’ Kelly Osbourne.” They received 9, 9 and 9 a 27.


Mya and Dmitry were dancing the Salsa as their second dance and Mya had to perform her solo. Their dance was terrific and her solo was out of this world! Bruno said only one word could describe the dance and it was sensational. Carrie Ann said the dance was hot beyond belief and Len said, “Tutti Frutti what a booty” and he was mesmorized by her buttocks, hoping she will be in the final next week. They received a perfect 30 again. This is their second week of a perfect score.


The first two rounds of the semi-finals were complete and the dancers were going to bring out their knock out dances. Donny and Kym were dancing a Jitterbug as their last dance this evening. It was quick and fun. Carrie Ann said that Donny got his mojo back. Len said that this dance was a winner. Bruno said it was upbeat and recharged. They received 9, 9 and 9 for a 27. A total of 74 out of 90.

Joanna and Derek danced the Salsa next. The stars are having fun with these break out dances. Len said the dance was tasty and full of spice. Bruno said it was delicious and flirtatious and Carrie Ann said she loved the dance and would like to see Joanna in the finals. They received  triple 9′s a 27. Their total tonight was 71.

Dancing next for their finals scores was Kelly and Louis dancing a Cha Cha. Bruno said the dance was a quickie, but it worked for him. Carrie Ann said that Kelly had a great night and Len said that Kelly did three dances tonight all to a very high level. Their scores were triple 9′s a 27. Their total was 78.

The final dancers for tonight on Dancing With The Stars season 9 semi-finals were Mya and Dmitry also dancing a Cha Cha. Wow! It was incredible. Carrie Ann said that she didn’t feel the dance? Len said he was disappointed because he wanted it to go on a bit longer and Bruno said he wished he could have seen the whole feature. They received, 9, 9 and 10 a 29. Their total was 87 tonight.

Tomorrow night one more dancer will go home and the final three will head into the finals next week on Dancing With The Stars, at 9 PM ET on ABC.

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