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Jon & Kate: It Never Seems To End…

November 16, 2009 09:34 PM by Ryan Haidet


Just when I thought TLC was really stretching, tonight they hit rock bottom.  The two episodes of Jon & Kate Plus 8 featured yet more previously unaired footage.  It all started when Kate took the eight kids shopping for gymnastics.

Before they got there, Kate promised a surprise if they were well behaved.  Their surprise was that they were going out to dinner, which Kate said is a rare event lately since her split with Jon.  She took charge and buttered the eight pieces of bread and passed it all out to the hungry kids.  They all sat there patiently waiting for Kate to get their food placed in front of them.

With full bellies, the kids went to their first gymnastics class, which was very crowded, but the kids had a good time there.  It consisted mostly of tumbling and walking across balance beams.  As they left their class, the paparazzi followed them out to their car, which reminded Kate that life was different than it used to be.

Baseball Time

It was Jon’s turn with the kids, so he decided to take them to a minor league baseball game.  When they got there, each kid got a baseball glove and went down to the field to watch the players up close.  Then they were given a tour of the dugout when disaster struck — Joel was trying to walk up the stairs and fell down, scraping his leg.  Tears started flowing, but it got worse when Jon used an alcohol swab to clean the wound.  This made Joel cry even harder, but at least Jon got it clean.

More Unaired Footage

The second episode brought us a special where Kate introduced footage from this season that was never seen before.  Whoopy!  Thrilling.

First up were “Passports to Nowhere” when the family decided to try and take a trip together even though times were tough.  They all went to get their passports, but a fight sparked during the effort.  The kids had been told not to mention to anybody where they were traveling — but Jon announced out loud they were heading to Korea.  Kate lectured him for his slip, which she couldn’t believe eight kids could keep secret when a grown man couldn’t.  She admitted that she handled the situation wrong, but was disappointed they canceled the entire trip because of the drama.

Next, Kate was really bummed out because she spent her 10th anniversary without Jon.  But instead of being depressed by herself, she set up a bunch of things in the backyard and made a giant obstacle course for the kids to run through.  She cheered each of them on as they raced through the challenges.

A stop on Kate’s book tour was also showcased.  The line where fans waited to meet Kate for a quick autograph really was shocking.  One woman revealed that she had been in line for 12 hours to meet Kate.  Wow.

For fans of the show, there are only two weeks left until the final episode — honestly, I thought the final episode came a few weeks back.  Sheesh.

Images courtesy of TLC.

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