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Chef Academy: Series Premiere

November 17, 2009 12:26 AM by Lisa Princ


Tonight, on the new series Chef Academy on BRAVO we meet Jean Christophe Novelli, world renowned Michelin and 5AA Rosette award-winning chef with restaurants in London, France and South Africa, and voted “World’s Sexiest Chef” by The New York Times. Chef Novelli came to Los Angeles to start a culinary education experiment. Joining Chef Novelli are his fiancee Michelle and his executive chef, Steve Kitchen. His accent takes a little getting used to, but this is definitely going to be a good series. Keep reading for all the details!

Tonight on Chef Academy on BRAVO famed Chef Novelli comes to America. He has 8 weeks to teach 9 students how to go from novice chefs to culinary masters. Each week Chef Novelli will put the students through a test, and if they fail 3 tests, they are out of the academy. After meeting his new personal assistant and trying to convince him that he wants to meet Columbo, Chef Novelli immediately gets down to business with Steve Kitchen by narrowing down their possible students to 15. Chef Novelli then makes each of them prepare an egg as a test so he may narrow the list to 9, which he has no problem doing.

Now, let’s meet the students of Chef Academy on BRAVO : Kyle Daley, 29 – a sous chef from San Diego; Emmanuel DelCour, 27 – a graphic artist from Bordeaux, France; Zoe Feigenbaum, 26 – a culinary school graduate from New York; Leonard Goodloe, 28 – Culinary school of Italy graduate from San Antonio; Sarah Jacobsen, 29 – a wedding caterer from Wheeling IL; Kyle Kupiszewski (a.k.a. Kup),– a Navy sub cook from Allentown, PA; Carissa Loughead, 26 – a former events planner who claims she “lost her job for this opportunity” from Charlotte, NC; Tracie Norfleet, 46 – a TV commercial producer from Venice beach, CA; Suzanne Winn, 46 – a housewife from Mission Viejo, CA.


After asking each student to prepare their signature dish, a few ended in disaster. Emmanuel’s Quiche was undercooked while Chef Novelli told Leonard his dish was not seasoned well enough. Carissa’s dish ended up with her hair in it, which completely disgusted Chef Novelli. For the night, these 3 failed – 2 more failures and they get booted out of the academy. Meanwhile, Suzanne who seemed an unlikely candidate was the one to completely impress Chef Novelli. All in all it was a great premiere episode, and while Chef Novelli is by no means a Gordon Ramsay, he definitely gives the impression that he means business, and he will throw in a few choice words for you, even if you do have a hard time understanding him.

Make sure to tune in next week at 11 pm for another all new episode of Chef Academy on BRAVO. See you after the show!

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