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Project Runway Ends The Season With A Worthy Winner

November 19, 2009 09:46 PM by DA Southern


Project Runway comes to a bittersweet end tonight as we crown a winner of Season 6, the first on the Lifetime Network and probably one of the best seasons to date. Designers, Irina, the strongest of the three designers based on the amount of challenges won alone and the odds on favorite to win it all, Carol Hannah, who has had several very surprising moments and Althea, who was probably the shakiest of the three coming into the finale, battle it out for who walks away with the fame and fortune of being the winner of Project Runway.

Two Days Until The Runway Show

Carol Hannah was still recovering from her stomach flu situation and, while Irina was a bit sympathetic, she said that there is nothing she can really do for her. You have gotta love Irina; Damn that woman is focused. The three models headed to hair and makeup and then did the fitting with the designers when Tim Gunn arrived for the final look-thru.


Irina‘s thirteenth look had Tim wondering if it was too “Costumey,” Althea‘s design was called a bit too “80′s” with the rounded shoulders and Carol Hannah‘s thirteenth look was a concern as Tim was worried about the details that needed to be done. Tim then told them of the time left to finish the design and then the models were in to finish the final details of the fittings.

Day of the Runway Show

The pandemonium was intense as the designers scurried to get the models and their collection down the runway and none was more anxious as Tim Gunn as he screamed his desire to get the models ready to go down the Runway. Heidi Klum welcomed the audience and Althea was first to present her “SciFi” inspired collection.


Althea’s collection was very sleek, if nothing else, and had a lot of pants in the collection. She did have a stunning thirteenth piece that had Heidi and Kors jaw’s dropping, which gave her a boost, I believe.

Carol Hannah’s collection was explained as just her representation of herself as a designer and definitely had her touches with a lot of beautiful dresses; definitely all Carol Hannah, all of the time.

Irina’s design was called all about New York as explained by Irina and, true to form, it was a lot of black. She had several very striking designs with meticulously designed sweaters and the dress at the end was incredible.

The after show had the crowd pretty receptive to all of the designers and it was tough to see who was the crowd favorite of the three ladies.

The Judges Decision

Heidi and the judges were very complementary of all three and Heidi then asked each designer about their inspiration. The thirteenth look and the three models were brought out for an explanation from each of the designers. Irina’s collection was called “Very Finished” and that it did not look like it was only budgeted at $9000. Carol Hannah’s collection had individual pieces that were outstanding and her attention to detail was incredible. Heidi said that it was a bit scattered and that she did not see it as a total thirteen piece collection. Althea’s Sci-Fi collection was thought of as very visionary and Kors said it was good to see sportswear in the future. Nina thought that the last three pieces of her collection were a bit off and it was hard to see which way the prevailing wind was blowing.


Carol Hannah’s point of view was certainly evident to the judges; Althea’s collection was called more of an “Assemblage of clothes” by Kors; Irina’s collection was called overall the most cohesive of the three.

The designers were brought out and Heidi went through the litany of prizes that the winner was to receive and we then broke to commercial to heighten our already palpating hearts. All three of the designer’s collections were a bit savaged and Carol Hannah was “Auwt” first. Althea and Irina were sweating it out until, finally, Irina was announced the winner of Project Runway. There was never a doubt as Irina definitely deserved it with the sheer quality of the designs that she did throughout the season.


Even with all of the legal wrangling that preceded this season of Project Runway, this season was definitely worth the wait and, in the end, truly the best designer stepped up to the plate.

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3 Responses to “Project Runway Ends The Season With A Worthy Winner”

  1. traveldolphingirl Says:
    November 19th, 2009 at 10:19 pm

    Seriously? Did anyone else see cat woman?? And talking about protection as the theme sounded like a maxi pad commercial!

  2. traveldolphingirl Says:
    November 19th, 2009 at 10:23 pm

    Althea did not have a good collection. I would have wore some pieces, but it was more cat woman over and over

  3. traveldolphingirl Says:
    November 19th, 2009 at 10:31 pm

    Irena should not have been the winner. She had a cat woman collection


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