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Survivor: Samoa — Another Amazing Tribal Council

November 19, 2009 08:05 PM by Ryan Haidet


Survivor: Samoa is one of the greatest seasons the hit reality show has seen in years.  Tonight’s episode solidified how good this season is when yet another amazing Tribal Council brought a huge blindside and dropping jaws.  But before we get to that point, Laura was heated about the events from the last Tribal Council when Russell used his second hidden Immunity Idol, which resulted in Kelly’s ouster.  But Shambo loved it.  She was ready to take Laura out.

On the morning of Day 25, Russell woke up early and started searching for the hidden Idol, which is back in play.  As he was out on the hunt, Shambo pulled John aside and worked to get him on her side.  She was hoping the rocket scientist would be willing to use his vote to target Laura.  “It takes balls to jump into this arena,” Shambo told him.  John listened, but wasn’t willing to give her a straight answer regarding his thoughts of the situation.

Natalie Rocked In Reward

At the Reward Challenge, it was a competition just like one we saw during the Exile Island season.  Separated into two teams, the contestants had to use a set of ropes to pull one player laying on a platform around a course.  That suspended contestant had to collect a series of flags and place them in order off to the side.  The first group to succeed would win Reward, which seemed oddly similar to the one last week — a trip to a beautiful location with food and a clue to the hidden Immunity Idol.  But this Reward brought an extra element — a Sprint phone they could use to take pictures to capture their experience.


As the competition was underway, it seemed to be a close battle — that is until Natalie quickly pulled ahead for her team — which consisted of Dave, Brett, Laura and Russell.  She easily led her team to victory.

A Video Hint

The winning group got onto a private plane and flew to another island for some food and relaxation.  The food was all laid out, too, featuring hot dogs, desserts and drinks.  As they gobbled down all the goodies, the clue to the next hidden Immunity Idol popped up on the Sprint phone.  It showcased a video segment that revealed the Idol was hidden under a rock that was covered in moss.


As soon as Russell got back to camp after the Reward, he started searching for the tiny Idol.  But this time he was under the watchful eye of Galu as Dave and Laura followed him around camp.  It was simply amazing to watch as Dave chased Russell around the woods on the mad Idol hunt — and believe it or not, Russell was able to get away from Dave.  And once again, Russell found the hidden Immunity Idol and proudly placed it in his pocket — the third one he’s had in his possession.  Absolutely amazing.

You may not like his slimy ways, but he truly is the only person who deserves to win this game.

Not-So-Exciting Immunity Challenge

At the Immunity Challenge, the 10 remaining castaways arrived for a two-part contest.  In the first round, each person had the opportunity to throw one rock at a set of tiles.  Each tile they broke with that one rock represented the number of spears they were given to shoot at a target.

Only a few players broke a tile, which left us with a very uneventful challenge.  At the end of round two, Mick had fired his spear closest to the bullseye and won individual Immunity.

To Tie Or Not To Tie

Back at camp, Shambo told Brett that she was voting against Laura.  “There is no more Galu,” she told him with confidence.  Brett didn’t seem too pleased with her decision, but didn’t argue with her at all.

On another side of camp, Laura and Dave again thought it was a smart move to vote against Russell.  And yes, they were once again hoping that he didn’t have the Idol.  But John that was a stupid play, so he pushed a plan to vote against Natalie.


To make things even more confusing, Monica had a plan of her own — to lie to the Foa Foa four by saying they were all going to vote against John.  She assumed that would give John the four votes from Foa Foa while the rest of Galu would try to take out Natalie, leaving Shambo as the sole vote against Laura.


But not so fast.  Monica’s scheme was questioned by Foa Foa almost immediately.  Russell said the only way to have this strategy work was to tell John he was their target.  Russell pulled him aside and said that they felt like Monica was trying to swindle them with her scheme.  He then revealed that Foa Foa wouldn’t be changing their minds and was still voting against Laura.

If nobody flipped to either side, that meant a five-to-five tie was a guarantee.

More Jaws Drop

At Tribal Council, Shambo said Galu was certainly not a solid group any longer.  She said Galu detiorated the moment in which they ousted Erik.  But Laura disagreed and felt that Galu was still standing strong.

With the possibility of a tie vote, the rules of Survivor state that a re-vote is to be held immediately.  If nobody switches after the second vote, everybody draws colored rocks.  The player with the only rock colored differently would be the player eliminated from the competition.  And at Tribal Council, Dave said he was fine with drawing rocks if he had to — tell that to Paschal from Marquesas.  He wasn’t even a target that night several years ago, but fate yanked him out of the game.

After the traditional Tribal banter, everybody cast their ballots.  After each vote was read, Jeff Probst read that it was a five to five tie between Natalie and Laura.  Just as most people there expected.

So they held a re-vote.  But this time Laura and Natalie were the only ones not casting ballots.  Once again, Probst tallied the votes, but this time, the outcome was much different when John swapped sides secretly.  By a vote of five to three, Laura was eliminated from the competition.  Both she and Dave were shocked at the results.  They looked absolutely confident that they were about to draw rocks and let fate decide.  As Laura’s torch was snuffed, I couldn’t help think about how certain she was that Galu was solid.  Guess not, huh?  Her solid group took her out of the game!


Images courtesy of CBS.

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