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Survivor: Samoa — Laura Missed Her Family Most

November 21, 2009 12:00 PM by Ryan Haidet


After one of her own allies turned on the Galu alliance, Laura Morett was the latest contestant booted from Survivor: Samoa.  Her ouster was a major blindside after a tie vote made the situation seem deadlocked.  John put a stop to that and switched his ballot for Laura during the re-vote, which was the snuffing point to her torch.  In a conference call with reporters, Laura revealed lots about her experience.  She touched on her elimination, evil Russell, her secret alliance and how she was actually supposed to be on another reality show.  Plus, Laura made a remark about some history she has with a fellow Galu member — then CBS stepped in and hushed that entire discussion.  This is a good one…

Question: Were you surprised John voted against you?

Laura Morett: I was more surprised that he didn’t write my name down in the first vote.  I knew he was coming for me.  What’s really not shown on there is Brett and I have a really tight alliance.  I knew when Russell Swan was still on the show that John was threatened by me and he wanted me out.  I knew that he had thrown out both Mike and my name earlier.  So when this opportunity came up to get rid of me and it wasn’t even his original idea, I knew he would be on board.


Question: How frustrating was it that Russell kept finding every Idol?

Laura: I was out at that bridge all day, I don’t know when he found it.  That’s all I can say about that.


Question: Did you know Russell had found the third Idol?

Laura: I so wish you could see all the footage to that, it was hilarious.  You have this little two-foot menehune, Russell, like a cat and mouse running through the jungle, jumping over things.  And you have Dave behind him, and it was actually comical ’cause Russell was being really funny about it.  He was like, “Come on Dave, keep up with me.”  He’s running through the jungle and Dave is chasing him.

I choose to follow the other guy — Jaison — who just likes to walk.  Lucky for me, I’m walking behind him.  We did that for about an hour, and then we see Russell back at camp.  He goes and lays in the hammock, hands above his head, pretty much like he had the mouse’s tail hanging out of his mouth.  He was laying there like life is good.  We’re like, “That turkey found it.  He found it.  Darn it!”  We were suspicious at that point, so when we just see him lounging around we’re like, “He’s got another one.  He got another one.”


Question: Were you surprised with Russell’s moves?

Laura: Yes.  I knew he was creepy.  You can’t hide creepy.  You meet somebody and you immediately know, “OK, this guy creeps me out.”  But I had no idea he was burning socks; he was pouring water out.  Mind you, all we do is after our challenges, is we go back to our camp, they go back to theirs.  And we don’t see them until the next challenge.


Question: What brought Erik’s elimination?

Laura: When Russell Swan was still on the show, Brett comes to me — what people don’t know is that me and Brett have a tight alliance — Brett is telling me everything that the guys are saying.  Brett comes to me and he says, “Lo Lo, the guys want you and Monica gone.  They want you gone, they’re really worried about your alliance.”  Then, the next challenge comes up, after Russell is gone, I get sent over to Foa Foa, I come back for the challenge, I’m standing on the mat and Brett leans over and says, “Lo Lo, they want to throw this challenge and send you home.”  Meaning Erik, John and Shambo.  Brett goes, “Dave and I aren’t going to do it.  We are not throwing it.” …  I knew at that point how serious it was.  John and Erik were willing to throw a challenge to get rid of me.


So we come to Erik’s show and we were all going with Jaison.  Jaison was going to be the name voted.  But we see Erik out talking to Foa Foa.  We have Dave talking to Kelly out in the jungle, the same time Natalie comes in and says, “Erik just told us that we can stay in the game if we vote for Monica.”  Which is totally true, which isn’t the first time I’ve heard this.  Kelly comes in the shelter and says, “Laura, Dave just told me that they’re going to vote for Monica tonight.”  And it was that instant I said, “Erik’s gotta go.  We’ve got to get rid of Erik.”


Question: Did you ever think twice about getting rid of one of your numbers?

Laura: No because at that time we knew we still had the numbers.  We knew we didn’t have Shambo, but we knew we still had the numbers at that point.  So, no.

Question: What was behind the division between you and Shambo?

Laura: That’s a really good question.  It’s tough watching it, and it’s tough as me being cast as Medusa and the mean one.  I guess I would challenge anybody to show me one thing that I did to be mean to her.  Believe me, if I did something mean, CBS would show it.  CBS would be playing it again and again and again.  I didn’t do anything to her.  She, I think, was threatened by the fact that every time we’d go to a challenge and they’d say, “OK you need your strongest girl and your strongest guy,” the team would be, “Lo Lo (Laura), you’re our strongest girl.”  It’s like, “Thanks.  Shambo is really going to hate me now.” …  My mother is full Hawaiian, so I’m very familiar with the islands.  People would come to me and say, “Hey Lo Lo (her Hawaiian name), how do you do this?  How do you weave this?”  The people were always after me on how to do things.  I’m sure that probably irritated her — she wanted to be the go-to.  I think the final straw was the relationship I had with everybody else. …  I think she hated the fact that I got along with everybody and she felt isolated.  I don’t know.  The better question would be to ask her.


Question: So you think Shambo was more jealous of you?

Laura: I don’t know if that’s the word of it.  I wish there was a better word to say that, ’cause that sounds so petty to say somebody was just jealous of you.  I think she was just hurt that the tribe didn’t see her as the strong one.  They didn’t see her as the one to go-to.  I don’t know.  That’s the question you need to ask her.  I just know that she didn’t like me.  I was not mean to her, they would show the footage on the TV of me being mean to her if I was — but they don’t have any.

Question: Would you say Brett was your closest ally?

Laura: Brett, as a matter of fact, if he would’ve won that challenge, he was giving me the necklace — and I have no doubt in my mind that he would have.  It was kind of an under-the-radar move.  We have a bit of a history, and nobody knew how tight we were.


NOTE: Later on in the interview, Laura was asked a question from another reporter regarding this “history” with Brett that nobody knew about.  Here’s how it went.

Question: You mentioned that you and Brett have a history, is that related to you both being from Salem (Oregon)?

Laura: Yes.

Question: So you knew each other in Salem?

Laura: Umm…

NOTE: This is the moment when a CBS representative stepped into the call:

CBS: I don’t want her going into that whole area guys.

NOTE: Everything regarding that discussion was dropped immediately.  Interesting, though…Back to the rest of the interview.


Question: What was the hardest part of the Survivor experience?

Laura: By far, being away from my family that long.  It’s so tough when you’re in the game.  I’ve been married almost 22 years — more than half of my life.  I have great kids, an amazing granddaughter, and when they come to your mind, it does no good to think about them.  It just makes you sad.  You would have to consciously push those thoughts out of your mind and it was really hard to do that.


Question: How did you get selected for the show?

Laura: I originally was going to be on The Amazing Race with my partner Jodi.  Pretty much right before we were getting ready to leave, they said, “Good news, bad news.  Good news is Jodi you’re going on, bad news is Laura you’re cut.  We want two flight attendants.”  Jodi was on Amazing Race, she grabbed another partner and went on that.  I was stuck at home thinking, “No, you want me!”  Clearly the Lord has different plans for me because it was minutes after I got OK with it, Survivor called and said, “We have a spot on Survivor, would you be interested?  We want you to come to LA and audition.”  So I did.


Images courtesy of CBS.

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