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Amazing Race 15: Do They Speak Spanish In Prague?

November 23, 2009 12:12 AM by Britteny Elrick


Tonight on The Amazing Race, the four remaining teams will head off to Prague, where they will participate in all sorts of kayaking and rope gliding fun. All bets are off between two teams when someone’s taxi gets stolen and it almost costs them the race. Keep reading to find out which teams will advance to the finals…

Meghan and Cheyne are the first to depart to Prague, where they must try to locate a vintage praga [a type of car]. Fortunately for all the other teams, they all end up waiting at the airport for the same flight. While the teams struggle to figure out what a praga is, they all try to access the internet for some research. Sam and Dan are thinking it’s probably some sort of vintage jacket. They might want to look into that a bit more. Sam also asks Dan if they speak Spanish in Prague – a question that Dan doesn’t even dignify with a response.


All teams land in Prague at the same time. Once they’ve gotten their clue from the praga, the teams must make their way to Kayaky Trouya. Ericka and Brian are stuck in traffic and trailing far behind the rest of the teams.


Fast and Furious. Teams must take a rough white water rafting course, while grabbing ribbons from above them. If they tip over they must restart.

Slow and Steady. Teams must make their way down a hand and rope course over water.


Meghan and Cheyne, Big Easy and Flight Time, and Brian and Ericka opt for the rope challenge, whereas Sam and Dan go for the kayaking. As usual, it’s quite the scene watching Sam and Dan stuck in a kayak together -they start bickering like an old married couple.

Now teams must scramble their clues from the detour to reveal the next location: Estates Theater. Meghan and Cheyne are still in the lead and to receive their road block. Sam and Dan steal Brian and Ericka’s taxi that was waiting for them after the detour. Now there has been official war declared among the couples.


One member must search among thirteen hundred seats to find a tiny mandolin and bring it to the opera singer on stage.


Big Easy and Cheyne are searching througout the theater, however, they are looking in the rooms as opposed to the seating area. Cheyne finally gets it correct and he and Meghan head to the pitstop at Prague castle. Sam and Dan are the next to complete and head to the castle.

When they arrive at the theater, Brian and Ericka cross paths with the brothers and they don’t look each other in the eye. It is now a race between Big Easy and Flight Time and Brian and Ericka as to who can locate the mandolin the quickest. In a stoke of luck, Big Easy finds the instrument and they head off to the pitstop.


Sam and Dan end up being the second team to the pitstop, followed shortly by Big Easy and Flight Time. When Brian and Ericka arrive, they know that they are the last team and start to become sad. But in spite of the brother’s evil plot to set them back, they are still in the game!  Phil reveals this is a non-elimination leg and they will not be sent home.

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