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Chef Academy: Chocolate Test

November 23, 2009 11:53 PM by Lisa Princ

chef-academy-chef-novelli1 Tonight on Chef Academy on BRAVO Chef Novelli puts the aspiring chefs through their very first test: chocolate. Can any of the students pass their first test or will they all fail? And who is getting on Chef Novelli’s last nerve already and why? Keep reading for all the fun filled details.

It was quite an interesting evening on Chef Academy on BRAVO tonight. The very first Novelli Academy lesson was delayed as they awaited Emmanuel, who was late. After denying the reason for his tardiness, Chef Novelli bluntly requested that he not lie to him as he could tell by his face and eyes that Emmanuel had just woken up. Finally, after the delay, the class could begin their first lesson.

Chef Novelli started off the lesson by showing the students how to make some of his desserts which included: apple souffle, orange creme brulee, chocolate pots and caramel decorations. He then let them know that they would be put through their first pass/fail test tonight, and whomever passed would be allowed to attend the Novelli Academy opening that evening. Whomever failed would be marked with their first fail and would be sent home for the evening.


Chef Novelli took the class for a quick trip to the farmer’s market prior to their test, thanks to Tracie who suggested a great market near her home. When they all went to meet back at the van an hour later, Emmanuel was no where to be found. Annoyed, Chef Novelli decided that they would leave without him and let him find his own way back. Maybe Emmanuel’s lateness has something to do with the fact that he is also a porn star. Yes you read that correctly, Kyle and Kup discovered this on tonight’s episode of Chef Academy on BRAVO and when confronted about it, Emmanuel did not deny it.

When Emmanuel finally arrived back in the classroom, neither Chef Novelli or Steve Kitchen were very pleased with him. Steve took the clock off the wall and handed it to Emmanuel saying he no longer had an excuse for being late. Chef Novelli also reiterated this, letting Emmanuel know that the clock was no joke and he was to take it home with him and bring it back each day. Way to get on the Chef’s good side Emmanuel!


Now it was test time time on Chef Academy on BRAVO. Chef Novelli asked that the students each make chocolate pots and those who passed would serve them at the opening party. While everyone was enthusiastic, only 4 students passed the test. Leo, Zoe, Suzanne, all passed. Ironically, so did Emmanuel. After telling Emmanuel he was a real pain in the you know what he was, Chef Novelli went on to tell Emmanuel that his chocolate pots were even better than his own.

As for the remainder of the students they failed. Tracie, Kyle and Carissa failed right off the bat. Kup was told he failed as Chef Novelli found hair in his dessert. Is that even possible when Kup is bald? Sarah decided to be different and use sea salt in her chocolate and caramel topping, which Novelli noticed immediately as he ran to the sink to spit it out. Guess he isn’t too subtle now is he?

Make sure to tune in next week at 11 pm for another all new episode of Chef Academy on BRAVO. See you after the show!

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  1. TMAC Says:
    November 2nd, 2011 at 4:31 pm

    SWhow sucks, only real chef is Novelli, the rest are just morons


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