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Jon & Kate: The Final Episode

November 23, 2009 08:45 PM by Ryan Haidet


After years of bringing their family to millions of television sets, Jon & Kate Plus 8 said its final goodbye on TLC tonight.  The series finale opened up with a sign that Jon Gosselin had apparently posted at his Pennsylvania home recently.  It read, “Notice: No film crew or production staff from TLC is permitted on this property under penelty (spelled wrong) of trespass.”

Jon & Kate Weigh In On Future

“I don’t like ends, I don’t like goodbyes,” Kate said at the start of the episode.  “Unless it’s finishing a term paper or finishing a book.”  Kate said the demise of the show was avoidable and senseless.

Kate called the finale a bittersweet moment because the kids are already missing their participation in the show.  Although the end of their reality show was coming to an end, Kate said her goals remain the same — keeping the best in mind for the kids.


As far as their personal lives are concerned, Kate said the eight kids aren’t too informed regarding Jon’s girlfriend.  Out of the last eight months, Kate also said that she is a lot stronger than she ever thought was possible.  She also says that now she knows who her true friends are — those who helped her walk through all of the difficult times and decisions.


When they once used to do their interviews together, Jon answered his final questions separately from Kate, which has become customary since the announcement of their split.  Jon said that throughout the last few months he has learned a lot about himself.  He said he never had the freedom of being young after getting married at 22 and having a total of eight kids by 27.  Jon claimed the divorce gave him the excuse to return to the age of 23.

Lemonade Stand

Looking back at how each parent interacts with the kids, a day with Jon was highlighted as he helped the children put together a lemonade stand so they could raise money for a volunteer fire department.  The oldest girls kept on fighting about the markers and the colors they were using.  Moments later one of them said, “I like stuff we do with mommy.”  This hit Jon like a ton of bricks and he responded very authoritatively.  He told her she was finished and needed to leave the table.  He told her the poster she was coloring was getting put in the trash can, too.  Then he also told the other twin to go inside, too.  “Goodbye, see ya,” he told both of them when he decided they were acting out of line.  With that, the two oldest girls stayed at the house with the babysitter, while Jon took the rest of the kids out to have their lemonade stand.

Didn’t seem too fair to me.

Once there, they teamed up with a local fire department and started selling the summery drink to benefit the fire company.  “We sold a lot of lemonade to old people,” one of the kids said.  Naturally, the paparazzi showed up, which Jon seemed to enjoy.  It was weird to see how he almost soaked up the attention.  Kate even questioned his motive with that event wondering if he was using the lemonade stand as a publicity stunt.  She reinforced the fact that she doesn’t want the kids exposed to anything of that nature.

But while Jon kept selling lemonade, the kids were given the chance to climb around on the ladder trucks and see how everything worked.  They were extremely excited with the entire situation — especially when one of the ladders was extended into the air.


Kate’s Farm Trip

In a separate family trip, Kate took the youngest kids to a local farm.  They all joined hands and walked there, which was about a mile away.  Once arriving, they were quickly given a hayride, which stopped once they came across some organic cows.  It seemed like a pretty fun trip for everybody.

They got to learn how to milk the cows, but their attention was quickly diverted to a tiny kitten everybody wanted to hold.


A Tearful Goodbye

As the finale moments neared, Kate said the show offered the family opportunities to travel and learn things they likely wouldn’t have done otherwise.  The end of the whole experience she said came too soon for her and the kids.

Then she moved on to discuss her former husband by saying she still thinks Jon should be driving with her in the passenger seat.  She clarified that she never wanted that to change, but she did want some roles to shift.  “I never wanted him absent from that driver’s seat.”

In his short closing statements, Jon said that while it was unfortunate their marriage failed, they shouldn’t let their family fail.

Back to Kate, she started crying upon the realization this was the last moment she would be spending on the show.  “I’m very grateful for the opportunity.  For the memories — for the memories on tape.  I’m thankful for the support.”

She wiped her eyes with a tissue.

“I never had a clear picture of how it would end, but really I think it’s too soon,” Kate said in closing with tear-filled eyes.


A quick recap of moments throughout the years filled the final moments of the series that had once captured the nation’s attention — for good or bad.  During this montage of all the family fun, I couldn’t help but wonder if Jon and Kate were actually watching it at the same time I was thinking about how their lives used to be — and maybe hoping to mend those broken fences.  It’s a shame it all ended this way.

The show faded to black after a family image (one posted above) was showcased with a thank you note from TLC written above.  “Jon, Kate & family, Thank you for sharing your lives with us.”

Images courtesy of TLC.

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