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Million Dollar Listing: Emotions Run High

November 23, 2009 09:58 PM by Lisa Princ


Madison Hildebrand, Josh Flagg and Chad Rogers are full of emotions tonight on a brand new episode of Million Dollar Listing on BRAVO. After Josh’s scare last week, will he finally realize he needs a break, or will he just keep pushing himself? Can Madison possibly lose more listings to other agents? And will Chad finally let Victoria know that she is the most important thing in his life? Keep reading to find out what emotions these three are stirring up tonight!

Well, apparently Josh Flagg took the doctor’s advice!? Or did he? Josh decided to go see a therapist on tonight’s episode of Million Dollar Listing on BRAVO. However, he wasn’t there for 3 minutes when he takes a business call, much to his therapist’s dismay. After his session, he meets with his mom for lunch who continues to push the medication on him and he just rolls his eyes at her. While at lunch he runs into his dentist who lets him know he would like Josh to list his home for sale.

After setting up the listing and a broker’s open, Josh decides to spice things up for his listing so that it will stand out. He rents a couple of swans for the pool. While the brokers seem to find the swans amusing and cute, his client does not – especially when they struggle to get the swans out of the pool. Maybe next time he can stick with plastic pool attractions. I wonder if he will get any calls based on the swans? Guess we’ll have to wait until next week to find out.


Later Josh meets with his grandmother and decides he would like to help her write her biography. His grandmother informs him that it would require a trip to Europe which I was sure he would turn down, but he actually agreed thinking the time away would be good for his mental health. It was an emotional trip for both Josh and his grandmother though as they visited the concentration camp where his grandfather died. Maybe this will put life into perspective for Josh and he will slow down a bit. Only time will tell.

Madison Hildebrand had a pretty exciting time tonight on Million Dollar Listing on BRAVO. Madison was on the hunt for a home either for lease or purchase for his extremely picky client, John. After several viewings, John was not thrilled with any of the homes Madison had showed him, but Madison vowed that he would find him something soon. In a stroke of luck, another client wanted to meet with Madison about selling his home. It turned out that he was able to lease the home to his first client John, after a few negotiations and some changes in the home.

Madison’s high emotions were shattered though when he went to meet a close friend, and hollywood high rise sales agent for a party. On his way to the party, he learned that his friend would be unable to make it but he decided to go anyway. He was shocked to find Chad Rogers there, and even more shocked when Chad informed him that he was listing a penthouse in the high rise. We can only assume this something Madison had asked of his friend previously and she turned him down. Maybe it’s time to start picking better friends Madison since they all seem to be listing with Chad these days.


Chad Rogers was on an emotional high tonight on Million Dollar Listing on BRAVO. Chad was able to secure a listing in a hollywood highrise that apparently Madison was unable to regardless of the fact that he is friends with the head of sales. Chad credits this to his new $600 haircut! Last week a $700 cake and this week a $600 haircut…seriously Chad, your hair looks no different that before you wasted all that money.

Then it was time for Chad’s 32nd birthday bash, thrown by Victoria. What a surprise she had in store for him! She actually agreed to sign a contract stating that Chad was 50% owner of Starla, their dog. Excited by this at the party, Chad toasts to Starla letting them know how much Starla means to him, once again leaving Victoria feeling sad. When will this poor girl ever learn? We’ll have to wait for next week to see if that happens, but somehow I doubt it will.

Be sure to tune in next Monday at 10 for an all new episode of Million Dollar Listing on BRAVO. See you after the show!

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