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The Biggest Loser: The Final Four Go Home

November 24, 2009 08:06 PM by DA Southern


The Biggest Loser gets us close to that final episode where we see The Biggest Loser get crowned and with the remaining five Losers left, I can’t honestly say who looks to be “The” one, but the men seem to have an edge this season. Even Liz has even surprised us as she has managed to keep herself good enough week after week to not be in real danger. Tonight the Losers get a quick tip from financial guru, Suze Orman, who points out the connection to health and wealth and football great, Rod Woodson, takes the Losers through a football challenge.

The five remaining losers; Liz, Amanda, Allen, Rudy and Danny; all know it comes down to this weigh-in for a chance to be able to go back home and work towards the finale, so the intensity should be ratcheted up just a bit. Liz was glad that her voting bloc of the four, except for Amanda, had stayed true to each other but knew that if it came to her and one of the other four at the elimination, she would be leaving.


Bob and Jillian knew that gameplay was evident from here on out and knew that this week was critical. The exercising began in earnest and it was really an all-out session reminiscent of a Last Chance Workout. What was interesting was to see the Losers and how they had changed in their work out sessions both physically and by sheer stamina.

Host Alison Sweeney talked to the Losers about balance as Suze Orman came by to chat up the Losers about the expensive side of obesity in health care and how they could each save money in various ways now that they were getting fit.


The Losers then headed into the gym and were set to answer questions about obesity while running on treadmills. If they didn’t answer questions right, their treadmills would then accelerate but if they answered right, they received a cool one thousand dollars in an account. They all did pretty good with Allen and Danny each earning four thousand dollars for walking on a treadmill. Don’t we all wish it were that easy?

Trainer Bob took the Losers for a little heart-to-heart and got a little peeved at the Losers when he asked them about what it would be like when they went home. Bob even said that he didn’t want “Miss America” answers but wanted to know what they really felt about leaving the ranch. When he put it that way, the Losers finally fessed up as to the misgivings they all had about falling back into bad routines.


In probably one of the most touching scenes of the season, we saw Bob and Amanda break some real barriers and got a glimpse into Amanda’s personal growth throughout the season when Bob said that he thought that she had “Grown up” and that she was his Biggest Loser. Danny and Liz looked over the past season as the only “Team” left in the competition and the bond between the two was unmistakable.

The Challenge

On a football field, the Losers were to each carry barrels filled with footballs of each week’s weight they had lost and drop the weight off on their way down the field. The first one to finish would pick up a weekend at the Pro Bowl, but I am not sure if that is a great reward. Has anyone ever seen all of the bad food at football games?


After Hall of Fame player, Ron Woodson, ran on the field to encourage the Losers and told them to “Be what they desired” and off they went. Allen, Rudy and Amanda were out quick but Allen finished off everyone pretty handily with a huge hit on “Old Allen,” a foam lifestyle image of what he looked like when he first came to the ranch. Rudy finished second, followed by Amanda, Liz and then Danny.

The Last Chance Workout

Before the Losers headed to the gym, Danny sang a song that he wrote about being the journey on the ranch. Okay, I thought it was going to be totally cheesy but it was actually a pretty good song as we saw each of the losers talk about the importance of what the journey has meant to them as he sang the song in the background.


As you could imagine, the Last Chance Workout was the most brutal ever and, as Bob said, “No one wants to be the one who missed the final four by a pound.” Amanda looked to be the one who most needed the weigh-in victory. She said that “The yellow line is the red line to her” as she knew that if she went below the yellow line, there would be no question as to her going home.

The Weigh-In

Host Alison Sweeney said that everyone would be going home tonight but that only one would not have a chance for the finale. Danny and Rudy were both set to break Biggest Loser records and the winner would get Chef Curtis Stone coming to their home and cooking healthy, giving them a pretty nice advantage.

Liz, first on the scale, found herself minus a paltry 5 pounds and it could be trouble for her tonight with her 2.46% weight loss for the week.

Rudy with his 134 pounds-to-date weight loss, added another 12 pounds to that total for a 3.90% weight loss.

Allen needed to lose more than 9 pounds for a chance to stay above the yellow line but only managed 8 pounds for a 3.36% weight loss.

Danny needed to lose more than 10 pounds to stay above the yellow line and pulled a huge 16 pound loss with a seven-week string of double-digit weight loss. This week he had a 5.26% weight loss and was definitely in the final four.

Amanda knew she had to be above the yellow line or go home tonight. Alison told her that she needed to lose over 6 pounds to stay above the yellow line to push Allen and Liz into elimination territory. With America’s Choice from last season beating the odds, Amanda pulled a 7 pound loss and a 3.63% weight loss and boy do we feel good about her making it through.

The elimination should be Liz, but the guys might want to get rid of a true competitor in Allen, making it a 2 girls/2 guy’s finale. Liz knew that Amanda was the swing vote as Danny would vote Allen and Rudy would vote Liz. Amanda said that she was not sure and Allen made a pretty impassioned plea to stay saying it would be “Good gameplay to keep him.”


It played out exactly as predicted, Danny Voted for Allen and Rudy voted for Liz, but Amanda finished off Allen’s dreams of being The Biggest Loser, saying that her thoughts went both ways in the voting process. Amanda said that, in the end, it was her integrity voting tonight wanting to keep girl power going into the finale and welcomed the challenge of Liz. Don’t know what that meant, but it was predictable and maybe, just maybe, we should not allow integrity a vote at eliminations.

So the brown Team of Liz and Danny along with America’s Choice, Amanda, and the record-breaking Rudy are poised to set the stage for a pretty exciting finale.

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