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Supernanny: McGrath Family

November 27, 2009 08:32 PM by Lisa Princ


Jo Frost is back tonight on Supernanny on ABC after a break last week. This week she is heading out to help the McGrath Family, who recently found out that their 5 year old son has type 1 diabetes. This new diagnosis is wreaking havoc on their household and they are hoping Jo can save them. Will she be able to stop this 5 year old from using his illness to take advantage of his parents? Keep reading to find out!

Supernanny arrives at the McGrath home, and is greeted by Tammy, Bill and their 3 children: Paige – 9 years old, Aiden – 5 years old, and Liam – 4 years old. Immediately Jo notices how much of an impact Aiden’s diabetes has on this family. Aiden holds it over his parents to get his way. Paige is withdrawn, Liam acts out alot and this family’s method of time out is clearly not working. Jo is also not surprised to discover the lack of communication between Tammy and Bill.

First up on Supernanny’s list is to get Aiden to stop using his diabetes to get his way. This child literally will not eat to get his way. She decides to have a little puppet show to teach the kids about diabetes and how it is important to balance it out. Jo wants to keep it fun, and the kids loved it. She then designs a little plate decor for the wall where Tammy and Bill can place stars when Aiden eats a balanced meal that day. When each plate is filled up, Tammy and Bill can get him a special toy or treat. While tough the first few meals, this eventually goes over really well with Aiden.

Next Jo Frost decides to get Tammy and Bill communicating again. She brings them a box where she would like them to leave little notes for one another whenever they have something that needs to be discussed. This works almost immediately as they begin filling the box and discussing different things. Then she goes over their ineffective time out method and teaches them the proper way to do a time out. Bill and Tammy immediately started this new method, and with a few tries, they had it down perfectly.


Jo Frost is not done here though. She decides to get Paige a door sign to allow the boys in or not when she pleases as she had enough of them barging into her room whenever they like. Paige is ecstatic and immediately tells the family about her door sign and how it will work. Before she leaves, Jo gives the family a list of famous people who also have type 1 diabetes to reassure them that all will be ok. Included in that is a video message from one of them to Aiden, who is just over the moon with this.

After checking on the family a few days later, Supernanny is thrilled at this family’s new found happiness and ease of discipline. Another job well done for Jo Frost. Be sure to tune in next Friday at 8 pm EST for another episode of Supernanny on ABC.

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