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Amazing Race 15: Absinthe Doesn’t Make The Heart Grow Fonder

November 30, 2009 12:45 AM by Britteny Elrick


Tonight on The Amazing Race, teams are set loose in Prague. They will encounter all sorts of odd challenges such as: hanging out naked while in a freezer. I didn’t think I needed to go any further with that list. Brian and Ericka have some serious time to make up for after acquiring a speed bump last leg, and Sam and Dan must learn how to get along or they won’t get anywhere. So what teams will make it to the final three?

First to leave the Prague Castle is Meghan and Cheyne and they depart to the Spanish synagogue. After they find their clue, they are to head to a museum.


One person must enter a spooky warehouse of ringing phones in order to find one with a person on the other end. The voice will give them random letters and they must unscramble them to spell a Czech author’s name to complete the task.


Again, Meghan and Cheyne are the first ones to complete the task and head to their next clue. Meanwhile, Brian and Ericka encounter their speed bump penalty. They must find a local pub and learn how to properly prepare an Absinthe shot and drink it. Well, that doesn’t sound very hard to complete, however, it might hinder their ability to do anything else the rest of the leg. Brian actually reveals that he never drinks, so this was especially tough for him.

Sam and Dan and Big Easy and Flight Time are still at the road block trying to unscramble the word. When Sam finally gets it, Big Easy asks him for the answer and gets pissed when he won’t tell him. As luck would have it, Brian and Ericka end up arriving and completing the road block before Big Easy. Hey, maybe the race is easier when drunk? They actually get to the point where they gave up and accepted a four hour penalty in lieu of finishing the road block.

Now teams must enter a cryotherapy room, where they have to strip down and stand in a room that is 180 degrees below zero for two minutes. No fricken way I’d do that. They were screaming before they barely got through the door. After that, they must go to the Charles Bridge.



In LEGEND – teams must cover a wooden skeleton with mud and clay and transport it across town. In LAGER – teams must deliver 30 beers on a drink tray throughout a busy town, to a pub full of soccer players.

After much struggling, Cheyne and Meghan are the first to reach the pitstop. Sam and Dan are having a really hard time moving their mud man through the town and they start bickering again. Sam tells Dan to man up because Meghan did it, however, he just keeps whining. Brian and Ericka opted for the lager challenge and she is about to give up after dropping so many glasses.

Sam and Dan end up being the second team to the pitstop. Finally, as the sun starts to come up, both Ericka and Brian and Big Easy and Flight Time have lost hope that they will be in the finals.  In the end, Brian and Ericka manage to pull it off and the Globetrotters are sent to trot their way back home.


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