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Chef Academy: The Suzanne Show

November 30, 2009 11:20 PM by Lisa Princ


Tonight we had a brand new episode of Chef Academy on BRAVO and it looks like things are not getting any easier for the culinary students. Will Chef Novelli’s next challenge push them over the edge, or will their silly antics push him over the edge? Will any of them get two strikes after this challenge or would they all pass? And who does Chef Novelli wind up dismissing? Keep reading to find out!


Chef Novelli puts the students to a basics test tonight on Chef Academy on BRAVO as he taught them how to make a simple tomato sauce as well as risotto. As the students tasted his sauce, Suzanne decided to be the oddball and tell him that his sauce did not have enough salt. After looking at her for a few moments, Chef Novelli decided that it must be her lipstick since no one else was wearing any. So he and Steve tried on her lipstick and tasted the sauce and both agreed it altered the flavor much to Suzanne’s dismay.

This was not the start of Chef’s Novelli’s bad day however, that started first thing in the morning as he woke to a battle with his juicer. His juicer would not make juice from his carrots, therefore it ended up in the trash. Chef Novelli comically told everyone that his juicer was the first one dismissed since it failed. He later replaced this juicer with a newer, working one and forced his poor assistant to try his juice creations.


During his lesson on Chef Academy on BRAVO, he informed the culinary students that they would be tested on these dishes and whoever passed the highest would get a trip to an eco party in Malibu. He then put them into groups of two and asked that they do a practice dish so they would be prepared for their test on Friday.

Suzanne, however had other plans as she missed half of the class. She decided to order Novelli’s assistant to get her a tailor since her jacket did not fit properly. After the tailor showed up mid session, Chef Novelli was not the least bit pleased and let her go for the rest of the day. Luckily she had another chance to practice on lab day, hope she doesn’t blow it!

Upon doing their test dishes on Friday morning on Chef Academy on BRAVO Chef Novelli was very impressed with 3 students: Kup, Zoe and Kyle, who all were told they were the top three dishes and would be attending the party with Chef and Steve. The other students were asked to go home after getting dressed up anyway which left some a little annoyed. Chef Novelli told them that they would not know if they passed or failed until Monday. Ah well, guess we have to wait until next week to see who else passes and fails!

Make sure to tune in next week at 11 pm for another all new episode of Chef Academy on BRAVO. See you after the show!

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