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Find My Family 11/30/09: Ashley Arend And Jamie De Haven Find Their Family

November 30, 2009 08:45 PM by Paulene Hinds


Tonight on Find My Family, hosts Tim Green and Lisa Joyner help school aide, Ashley from Ohio find the brother she never knew, finding more than what she expected. The team also helps Jamie, an Arizona woman, find her birth mother who had to give her up for adoption when she was a baby. Will the reunions be everything they had every dreamed of? Keep reading to find out!


Hosts Tim Green and Lisa Joyner travel to Upper Arlington, Ohio to meet 24-year-old Ashley Arend, an after-school program aide working on her Masters to become a teacher. Ashley has always known that she was adopted and feels that she could not have asked for a more loving and supportive family. When Ashley was 10, she happened to find her adoption papers in her parents closet in their bedroom and discovered she had a biological brother who was just 16 months older than her. Although Ashley grew up knowing what it was like to have a loving mother and father, she did not know what it was like to have siblings like most of her friends.

She became very excited and even though she didn’t want to find out about her birth parents, for the past six years, she had looked everywhere for her brother. She was feeling as if she had exhausted all of her options, but never gave up hope that one day she’d find him. She was very sad and frustrated.

The team had difficulty with the investigation as they had little to no information. They ended up with 40 possible matches and thankfully one of the files had listed a daughter with no name, exactly 16 months younger than a son. The family also had another daughter, Danielle two years later.

David and Danielle agreed to talk to Find My Family and Lisa travelled to meet David. David told her about Ashley and that their parents told him that she had died at birth. His youngest sister found out the truth and had told him that Ashley was alive. When David found out that his sister had been looking for him for years, he broke out in tears.

Host Lisa went to see Danielle and explained to both of the siblings that Ashley had been looking for them for 6 years and has held on the dream of finding her brother. Lisa gave the letter written by Ashley to David and he and Danielle were quite broken by it. Danielle was especially upset as Ashley knew nothing of her.


Tim went to visit Ashley and explained to her that they found her brother and also gave her the information that she had a younger sister as well, giving her the suprise of a lifetime.

Ashley stood at the bottom of the Family Tree with Tim and Danielle and David stood under the tree waiting for the reunion. Danielle was afraid that Ashley would be upset that her parents kept her instead. After an emotional embrace, Danielle and David told Ashley that they were so afraid that she would be upset, but Ashley explained that her younger sister represents that everything was okay for her parents. They sat under the tree and connected with each other. The show later showed the continuation of the reunion as Danielle and David headed home to meet Ashley’s family and Ashley felt that her life was complete.

Find My Family then headed to Glendale, Arizona to meet Jamie De Haven, an African-American, mother of three who was adopted as a baby by an all white family in Indiana. In Jamie’s family, race was never an issue and she felt nothing but love from her adoptive family. In her heart though, Jamie always felt an ache that something was missing and dreamed of finding her birth mother.Her family had tried to find her birth mother since Jamie was a teenager.

Working a full time job to try to make ends meet, she knew that her birth mother struggled financially too and was forced to give her up for adoption. Although she knew her mother’s name and even the address of the house where her mother lived at one time, Jamie’s endless efforts over the years had come up empty and were very frustrating to her. She needed to find her biological mother to fulfill her soul.

Jamie gave the private investigators a huge lead on the information and the team searched over every June Ann Watts, but their search came up empty. They had found a June Ann Watts that had remarried and they tried to track her down by checking the area where the woman had lived. After meeting a waitress that knew her, the team found her and asked June Ann if she would be able to meet with the team. She agreed.


Lisa met with June Ann and June Ann explained that she lived with a foster family which forced her to put her child up for adoption. She said it was one of the saddest days in her life when she left the hospital without her baby. Lisa then told her that her daughter had been looking for her for a long time and was just as afraid as she was. June Ann read the letter from Jamie and it set her fears to rest. June Ann was excited to have 3 grandchildren and couldn’t wait to meet Jamie.


Tim went to visit Jamie and gave her the big news and how excited June Ann would be to have her to be part of her life. Jamie then met her mother under the Family Tree and the two embraced for the first time. Her mother told her that she loved her and Jamie felt the comfort of that. The two sat and Jamie talked to her and explained that she had never felt any dislike for her in any way and today her dream was coming true. June Ann was assured that Jamie grew up in a loving family. After their reunion Jamie took her kids to meet the rest of June Ann’s family. Both families were very happy and now complete.

Next week, two more families come together under the Family Tree as Find My Family airs Monday at 9 PM ET, on the ABC.

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