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Million Dollar Listing: Useless Chadder

November 30, 2009 09:45 PM by Lisa Princ


Tonight on all new episode of Million Dollar Listing on BRAVO Madison Hildebrand, Josh Flagg and Chad Rogers are really stirring things up as tempers flare. Would Josh learn anything from his trip to Holland with his grandma? And just what is Madison stripping for? How does Chad manage to get underneath everyone’s skin tonight? Find out here!

In the words of Madison Hildebrand tonight on Million Dollar Listing on BRAVO : “it’s all just useless chadder”. I wonder if anyone even noticed whether or not these guys sold any homes tonight? It was all about the drama, most of which Chad stirred up while managing to annoy everyone.

As far as sales go Josh started off with a co-listing with flirtatious Faye, whom he negotiated a deal with a few weeks back. They did an open house, and he even brought in his dentist, whom Faye was more than happy to flirt with, but no bites as he claimed it was too far from his office and too big for him.

Madison also tried to sell a home tonight but had to go back to the buyers after 3 months of not even a single bite and ask that they reduce the price of their home. The homeowners were not very happy about this, especially since this was a custom home in which they had invested alot into.


Chad did manage a sale this week, but that is about all he succeeded in. He wound up taking his client to dinner to reassure her and answer all her questions about the home so she could relay this to her skeptical husband. It was a success and she met up with him later to sign the papers and hand over a $450k check to start the process.

Just as we thought they were done with confrontations, we had multiple tonight on Million Dollar Listing on BRAVO as all 3 agents showed up for a broker’s open. Chad tried to claim that Madison wanted the W Hollywood listing, and Madison shut him down stating he had no interest in it. Josh reassured Madison that Chad was not even in their league and Madison agreed and stated claimed all his talk was useless “chadder”.

Just as Chad was leaving, Josh started an argument with him over it. Chad tried to walk away but Josh even went as far as saying he would love to throw Starla in the pool. Appalled by that remark, Chad sped away in his car consoling poor little Starla. Did Josh learn any life lessons last week? Apparently not. However, Chad shouldn’t have dished it out to Madison, if he couldn’t take it from Josh.


Madison and Josh were not the only ones that Chad managed annoy tonight on Million Dollar Listing on BRAVO. Professing his love for her, Chad decided to take Victoria to watch the sunset with champagne and berries. Wouldn’t you know it, not even two minutes there and his phone started ringing. After answering and inviting a client to dinner with he and Victoria, she stormed off telling him to go by himself. She told him not to come home tonight, and that she is tired of competing for his time. Finally this girl is getting it! Chad even admits that his career is messing up his relationship.

Madison has a some more excitement as well tonight on Million Dollar Listing on BRAVO as he is approached by a photographer about possibly doing a gay photoshoot. Madison debates it and seeks the advice of his friends wondering if it would affect his career. Finally he decides to go for it and strips down, well to his jeans anyway and gets covered in paint for some photos. While he did not admit it yet, I get the feeling that next week he will admitting that he is into men more than women.

Be sure to tune in next Monday at 10 for the season finale of Million Dollar Listing on BRAVO. See you after the show!

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