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So You Think You Can Dance: Exit Interview With Victor Smalley And Karen Hauer

November 30, 2009 01:50 PM by Lisa Princ

Last week on So You Think You Can Dance on FOX as we finally found out who our top 10 are, we had to say goodbye to Karen Hauer and Victor Smalley. We have the inside scoop on their experiences on the show as well as what’s next for them. Keep reading to find out!


First up for the interview was Victor Smalley. Here is what Victor had to tell us:

Question: Why did it seem like it hit you so hard that you were chosen for elimination?

Victor Smalley: It didn’t hit me that hard, but I wasn’t expecting it. I was happy and content with my performance and feel like I danced my life out. If I had messed up or held back I would have had regrets. I was happy that Nigel told me what he did, and I just wasn’t expecting it.

Question: Was there any specific choreographer or choreography you would have liked to work with or work with again?

Victor Smalley: I would have liked to have more ballroom. Also, I would have liked to work with Sonya, she does the jazz. I was pretty happy with all the choreography I had gotten.

Question: How was it working with Karen?

Victor Smalley: Working with Karen was great. She has so much passion and confidence when she dances. She knows what she wants to do, she hits hard and she dances hard. She is a very powerful dancer.

Question: Was it tough to bounce between different partners?

Victor Smalley: Yes it was hard to keep switching partners. Everyone in the top 10 has had their partners from the start, and it’s like you are married to your partner. So when I was with Bianca for 3 weeks, I was married to her for those 3 weeks and it was hard when she was eliminated, because you have to get to know someone new. Even if you don’t like that person, you have to do it. But we are dancers and this is what we do.

Question: Which was your favorite dance this week, the tango or the hip hop?

Victor Smalley: Definitely the tango. Throughout the competition on So You Think You Can Dance on FOX I have had to go barefoot. I’ve done contemporary, jazz, broadway and this was the first time I had to wear shoes. I think it impresses the judges when you are a contemporary dancer and you show them you can do other styles. I was excited and I fell in love with it, just the feeling I got on stage with Karen was incredible.

Question: Do you think if you stayed one more week it would have made a difference?

Victor Smalley: Yes, I think if we stayed another week it would have made a huge difference. America just saw us for the first time, and they should have saw more of us and what we had to offer. Karen and I had a good, strong partnership with alot of chemistry. When we danced the tango, we looked like we had been dancing together from the beginning.

Question: Do you think you deserved to stay?

Victor Smalley: Everyone wants to stay longer. Both Ryan and Nathan are great dancers. It’s like going to art gallery, you admire each piece, you don’t think well this one is better than that one. It’s the same thing with us, we were all great and that is why we were in the top 20. We’re all equal at this point.

Final thoughts from Victor: Thank you to everyone, all my fans and those who voted for me. Even though I was cut, I am very happy and very blessed that I have come this far. I thank God everyday for this, and letting me show the world what I can do. This is not the end for me, but the beginning.

Next up was Karen Hauer, here is what Karen wanted to share:

Question: What was your favorite dance this season?

Karen Hauer: I had 2 favorite dances. The first was hip hop with Kevin, and the second was the tango with Victor.

Question: There was alot of talk about your sexuality, and young girls being unable to relate to you, what are your thoughts on this?

Karen Hauer: I was just being myself. I was not doing anything out of my personality or character. It is what it is.

Question: Can you tell us about your chemistry with Kevin vs Victor?

Karen Hauer: With Kevin, we had previously met in NY. We are both New Yorkers and pretended to be partners in dance class. We danced together in Vegas. We had chemistry from the start. With Victor, we had barely spoken before but had instant spark, it was just on a different level.

Question: What are your thoughts on your broadway routine with Kevin?

Karen Hauer: We did exactly what they told us. We thought we were great, we had to bring something else, but we didn’t know what. We were shocked that they asked for more and we didn’t know what else we could have done. We felt we did our best.

Question: Was it tough to come that close to the top 10 and not make it?

Karen Hauer: It was like a tease. Just the exposure and amazing people we got to work with were worth it. It is hard because everyone wants to make the top 10 to go on tour. I am extremely happy with how far I have gotten in the competition.

Question: Did you have trouble with your solos because you are a ballroom dancer?

Karen Hauer: My strong points are dancing with a partner, when I was child I did do some contemporary, but 10 years of solid ballroom and being in sync with someone is alot to change. It is tough, but its not an excuse. I think I did well but I wish I had more time to prepare.

Question: Do you think you’ll be a special guest for the tour?

Karen Hauer: I would love that. Because I came so close that would just be amazing.

Final thoughts from Karen: Thanks to everyone. This was an amazing opportunity and I am glad I was here as an artist to show people you can do it.

Be sure to tune in next tomorrow at 8 pm EST to So You Think You Can Dance on FOX to watch your top 10 perform. See you after the show.

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