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Ghost Hunters: The Haunting Of Mark Twain’s House

December 02, 2009 09:16 PM by Ryan Haidet


After a week off, Ghost Hunters has returned to SyFy with an all-new episode.  This time they ventured to Mark Twain’s house in Hartford, Connecticut.  He had lived there with his family for 20 years and it’s reported that his youngest daughter actually died there.  But the main thing the TAPS team was interested in — there are loads of ghostly happenings reported within the home.

For historical geeks, the house was the location where Mark Twain penned Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer.

Upon the TAPS team’s arrival, a tour guide took them through the home and discussed all of the spooky occurrences.  In the library, there were reports that a tour group had heard a huge bang.  Upon the group’s investigation, they could not determine where the sound originated.  A woman on a tour also reported experiencing a trio of tugs on her shirt.  Then up on the second floor, a tour guide had seen a woman wearing a white period dress.  OK, this is where I must interject.  How come every time somebody sees a ghostly female she is wearing an old, white dress?  Ever notice that?  Why do ghosts like to be so similar?



After completing their tour of the gorgeous home, the TAPS team set their equipment up and turned all of the lights out.  As Jason and Grant started the investigation, they started hearing strange sounds, which they described as “muttering.”  The K2 meter was giving a big-time reaction in the area, too.  But I’ve never once been convinced by that device with flashy green lights as evidence of the paranormal.  Moments later, something appeared on the thermal-imaging camera.  There was a figure giving off heat near a window, which Jason and Grant weren’t able to re-create.  A ghost?  We’ll find out in the evidence analysis.


As Jason and Grant moved on to the stairway, they spotted a mass that was blocking light, which had been coming from a room above.  They were baffled by the incident, so they tried to re-position themselves to watch the doorway more closely.  As they sat there, the sounds of footsteps resonated in the halls above.  At one point, Jason claimed he felt vibrations on the stairs they were sitting on.

As other investigators were taking their time in the house, one of the TAPS members claimed to see shadow activity happening near the nursery.  But none of that was caught on camera, and to be honest, his reaction to seeing the shadows was so unexpected and non-excited that it seemed like he was simply doing it for the show.  But then there was the unquestionable banging sounds they started hearing.  As they sat around waiting to see if it would happen again — it did.  And loud.  They jumped up and went searching for the spot where the sound came from, but they weren’t able to determine that location.


After spending hours at the house, they wrapped up their investigation and started analyzing all of the evidence they had recorded.  When going to check the DVR footage, the hard drive inside the unit went bad and they lost everything recorded on it.  Whoops.  I guess that makes their evidence analysis easier and quicker since there was much less to watch.  But they did analyze everything else they had left.

Remember that moment in which they captured the figure on the thermal-imaging camera?  They were able to determine that was simply the reflection of Jason or Grant even though they couldn’t re-create it at the time.  Sorry, no ghost.


During the big reveal of their evidence, they first discussed all the personal things they experienced while inside.  Then they played the audio recording of the sounds they captured.  They thought the bans sounded like a billiard ball falling on the floor.  Jason and Grant played even more creepy audio they captured, but I’m not convinced that was the sign of a spirit haunting the Mark Twain house.

What do you think?

Until next time…

Images courtesy of SyFy.

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