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Nicole Fox On America’s Next Top Model: “I Thought My Chances Of Winning Were Little”

December 02, 2009 09:00 AM by Britteny Elrick


The winner of this season’s America’s Next Top Model, Nicole Fox, was more surprised than anyone with the results. During an interview with RealityNewsOnline, Nicole says that the editing didn’t allow us to see how harsh the judges were on her. But now that her win has finally set in, she talks about what she would have done different and also gives advice to future contestants…

RealityNewsOnline: Standing in front of the judges at the final panel, and hearing what they had to say – what did you think your chances were of winning?

Nicole: I thought my chances of winning were very little. Through editing, you didn’t see how hard they were on me at the final panel. I really didn’t think I had a chance, and the fact that Laura is so loveable, I thought she had it in the bag.

RealityNewsOnline: Not only were you not in the bottom two this season, but you were nowhere near it! That had to have given you a pretty good feeling that your chances of winning were pretty high, right?

Nicole: Now that I watch it back, I look at it like I should have had more confidence. All I could think about was that Laura was so endearing and a perfect fit for all the prizes of the show, and that I would have to try a little harder to achieve the same. You didn’t see how hard they were on me for the lack of presence I was displaying, and my personality. It was all season, but for some reason, wasn’t edited into the show!

RealityNewsOnline: Your awkwardness was always a focal point of the editing. Was it really as big a deal as they made it out to be, or did editing play a part?

Nicole: It wasn’t just the editing. I’m shy, and I don’t always know the exact correct way about going up to people – I admit it. It wasn’t a creation of the editing, but they did blow it up a little – I don’t think I really talk like a stoner all the time!

RealityNewsOnline: How does it work with your prizes? I’m assuming you have to move, right? What’s next?

Nicole: Yeah, I’m in NYC now and I’m doing some casting. I met with the Whilamena representatives and we went over some stuff for now. I’m going to be in NYC for quite a while doing some go-sees and test shots, etc. It’s all really exciting, and I can’t wait to see how it goes!

RealityNewsOnline: What kind of advice would you give to girls that want to apply for future cycles of the show?

Nicole: I would say don’t do what you think they want you to do. Be yourself, and don’t try and please anyone. Definitely don’t be that girl that goes on and wants to be the mom, or the bitch… Just be yourself and it will work out much better!

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