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Tabatha’s Salon Takeover: Plush Salon

December 02, 2009 09:41 AM by Lisa Princ

Tonight on Tabatha’s Salon Takeover on BRAVO, Tabatha traveled to California to help Kimmie, the owner of Plush Salon. Her extravagant shopping habits are ruining her business as well as her personal finances, unbeknownst to her.Can Tabatha turn this shopaholic around or will she blow every last dime she has and lose her salon? Keep reading to find out.

Tabatha is shocked at what she watches at Plush Salon tonight on Tabatha’s Salon Takeover on BRAVO. Is it a salon or a sorority? Tabatha is unsure at first. These women acted like teenagers just hanging out having a good time. With little customer service, lazy technicians, and an owner who is constantly out shopping instead of running her salon, it is no wonder this place is about to go under. Tabatha has her hands full once again and her first order of business is stopping this shopaholic before it’s too late.

Tabatha immediately realized that Kimmie, the owner really had no clue how bad her spending habits were or how bad her finances were. Tabatha was determined to show her how bad things really were, especially after speaking with her staff who all agreed they would much rather have a boss. Tabatha’s decided after a few failed attempts at showing Kimmie how serious it was, she would pay a surprise visit to Kimmie’s home to speak with both her and her husband.


Kimmie is shocked to find out that her husband has stopped paying his health insurance and has drained their savings account trying to pay the bills for her salon on Tabatha’s Salon Takeover on BRAVO. Her husband is equally as shocked to learn that his wife spends so much money. Kimmie does not seem fazed what she has learned from her husband, so Tabatha realized Kimmie was far from learning her lesson, so she decided to try a new approach.

After making her clean out her closet of clothes she had to have but doesn’t wear, Tabatha is shocked to find a few thousand dollars worth things. She makes Kimmie take them to donate to the homeless shelter for resale. Kimmie is stunned and saddened to see her clothing getting put up for such little money when she paid a fortune for most of these things. Afterward, Tabatha takes the entire crew of Plush Salon to meet some women at the homeless shelter so they may style their hair for these women so they can look for work.


After speaking with her client at the shelter, Kimmie realized how easily she and her family could end up in the same situation and that she needed to make changes now. Next they have the salon reopen and everything goes fairly well with the exception of one staff member, Lindsay, burning a pregnant client with hot wax. Luckily the woman is fine but Lindsay’s behavior is appalling as she is more worried about the wax on her clothes and shoes than her client. Kimmie vows to work with her on her techniques and training or she will be gone. Just before Tabatha hands the keys back to Kimmie, she forces Kimmie to cut up her credit cards.

6 weeks after her takeover on Tabatha’s Salon Takeover on BRAVO Tabatha pays Plush Salon a surprise visit and is happy to learn that everything is just as she left it. Well, almost anyway as Kimmie finally grew a spine and fired Lindsay. She was also thrilled to report that she had not been shopping since Tabatha’s first trip to her salon. Another successful takeover for Tabatha, not that we had any doubts!

Be sure to tune in next Tuesday at 10 for an all new episode of Tabatha’s Salon Takeover on BRAVO. See you after the show!

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