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Survivor: Samoa — John Blasts Off

December 05, 2009 03:52 PM by Ryan Haidet


Even rocket scientists don’t have what it takes to outlast the competition on Survivor: Samoa.  And John Fincher, who is actually a rocket scientist, became proof of that after he was voted off of the island.  In an conference call with reporters, John talked about his elimination, evil Russell Hantz, Shambo and much more.  Plus, find out if he has any second thoughts about scarfing down that whole pie by himself.


Question:  Talk about that moment when you got voted off.  Were you surprised?

John Fincher:  Certainly a level of surprise.  Once I saw my name the first time, I knew it was going to be me.  That was the first Tribal Council I went to not knowing what was going to happen going into it.  That can mean one of two things.  One is you’re going home.  Two is a hit is about to be executed, but the executioner is sort of saying you would try to stop it or defend against it.  So obviously you’re hoping for the latter, but in this case it was the former.


Question:  Who are you mad at the most?  Yourself or Russell?

John:  I’m not upset with anyone.  Russell was doing what he was supposed to do — he was lying to me.  And I was doing what I was supposed to do — I was lying to him.  I didn’t trust Russell from the beginning, there was no trust.


Question:  With that deal you and Russell had, where did the other Foa Foa members fit in?

John:  We didn’t plan ahead.  I made it a point not to plan so far ahead with people because you’re really showing your cards.  I knew that Russell had a very very good relationship with Natalie.  I knew there was no way that he was ever going to cut her loose.  It was a blunder even asking for Mick — it was a blunder asking for any of them.  What I should’ve done, because it was a need-to-know situation, and Russell didn’t need to know, I could have got one of them out if Shambo would’ve voted for Mick. …  The plan would’ve been get rid of Mick, and that would’ve isolated Jaison.  Jaison and I had a great relationship, and then he and I could’ve worked together and eliminated Russell.


Question:  What’s your take on Shambo?

John:  Shambo is a nice person, she is unfortunately a little hard to work with because of the impact her emotions have on her decision making.  It’s unfortunate that she was ostracized so much by Laura and Russell Swan as well.  She’s a nice person, she’s just different from maybe the mainstream and I think a lot of people might not know how to deal with somebody like that, or just don’t have experience with somebody like that.


Question:  What was going on with Shambo’s dream to eliminate Dave?

John:  She disliked Dave because Dave really liked Brett.  Because Brett was so in with Laura, Dave started to like Laura. …  He was really trying to drive a wedge between Laura and Shambo, and he thought he was so much smarter than Shambo that he could do it so subtly and she wouldn’t find out.  But it was very apparent to Shambo what Dave was trying to do.  She disliked him for it.  He would come up and make comments about the chicken, which by the way, the chicken broth tasted great.  It wasn’t overcooked at all. …  Certainly, he was already on the chopping block in her mind before she ever had that dream.


Question:  Any second thoughts on keeping the pie for yourself after you bought it at the auction?

John:  I thought I gave a pretty good speech, and I talked to the other contestants before making that decision.  I was like, “A lot of you have already eaten, what do you want me to do?”  There were people saying, “Take the pie.  Take the pie.”  I’m not going to dwell on it, because I didn’t go home because I ate the pie. …  But I wanted the pie for several reasons.  One, it’s food.  One meal out there like that, I could’ve beat Jaison in that Immunity Challenge if I would’ve tried harder.  The glucose you get from all that sugar in the pie really helps you think more clearly and all that stuff.  But that aside, I went home because I was the biggest strategic threat to Russell, not because I ate the apple pie.  Although it worked out perfectly for the viewers, and I’m glad it did.


Question:  What was your favorite moment in Samoa?

John:  There was a Reward Challenge where we went on that old Scandinavian fishing ship, and that was really cool for me because the crew was comprised of a bunch of different internationals.  They had people from New Zealand; from Canada; from Belgium; from Australia.  And I come from an international family — I have family on five different continents.  It was nice to be able to sit there and talk to people and be able to have a normal conversation and remove yourself from the game for a second.  So that was a real, good relaxed moment.


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Survivor is now quickly winding down with just a few episodes remaining.  Find out who wins the $1 million during the live finale from Hollywood on Sunday, December 20.  And as we have brought you for the last few years, stay tuned for all of Ryan Haidet’s exclusive coverage from the finale and the red carpet.


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