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Amazing Race 15: A Winner Is Chosen

December 06, 2009 08:01 PM by Britteny Elrick


The final three will return to Las Vegas on tonight’s Amazing Race. With one million dollars at stake, the pressure has never been higher for the teams. They will face very tough challenges while making their way around some of the city’s biggest attractions, until finally crossing the finish line at the home of Mr. Las Vegas.

Meghan and Cheyne are the first to depart for Las Vegas, where they will head to the Graceland wedding chapel. Fortunately for the others, they all make it on the same flight, which means it’s anyone’s game. At the airport, Cheyne and Meghan are excited when Brian and Ericka show up as the third team, whereas Sam and Dan are pissed. When they arrive in Vegas the teams are scrambling to get to the chapel, but they all arrive simultaneously. After singing a song with Elvis, they are headed to Mandalay Bay.



One team member must repel 600 feet down the building. Of course, Ericka has to do it since she is married to a complete pansy and has done every challenge so far. Cheyne and Sam aren’t too far behind, but Ericka finishes first and they are off to the Mirage.

Teams are told to join the cast of the Cirque du Soleil show Love. Just as Ericka gets suited up, Meghan and Cheyne show up which makes them discouraged. They must use a bungee contraption to shoot themselves in the air and grab a bouquet of flowers. Ericka is getting frustrated to tears. Finally, Meghan completes the task and they receive a clue that will lead them to the “the most famous city in Monacco,” which is the the Monte Carlo.



Once at the Monte Carlo Casino, teams must count out one million dollars worth of poker chips from a huge table of multi colored chips. Sam and Dan have reverted back to a bickering, old married couple and all of the teams are neck and neck. Cheyne and Meghan are the first to receive word that their chips are correct and they pick up their next clue.


Teams are to head to the MGM Grand, where they must find Mr. Las Vegas – aka Wayne Newton. When Cheyne and Meghan arrive, Wayne tells them that the finish line is at his house. Sam and Dan are caught up and both teams are traveling via taxi to the finish line.

In the end, Meghan and Cheyne beat out the others and win the big prize. The arguing, gay brothers come in a close second and Brian and Ericka finish third. Congratulations to Meghan and Cheyne!

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Photo Credit: CBS

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