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Extreme Makeover Home Edition: Scott Family, Usher and Selena Gomez!

December 06, 2009 06:57 PM by Candace Young


On tonight’s episode of ABC’s Extreme Makeover Home Edition, the bus heads to Clarksville Tennessee, where Ty Pennington and the team will meet the Scott Family. David Scott was killed in the line of duty while pursuing a robbery suspect, leaving his wife and three daughters to live on without him. His wife, Trina, now helps other survivors. In devoting herself to others, Trina has wound up in an unsafe home which has termites to such a degree that the foundation could give way. Usher and Selena Gomez appear this week, and the family goes to Disneyland! Read on…

Door Knock Day!

Ty Pennington and the Design Team call out the excited Scott family females from the house. There is plenty of jumping up and down, tears, and giving thanks. Trina takes Ty to show him the house and the really bad termite damage.

Leyla tells Michael that she loves Usher and wants to be a musician or actor. Deirdre is a dancer who shows Paige her trophies. Trina has her office for medical transcription and her volunteer work, in her bedroom. Alethea’s room is adjoined to her mother’s room – it used to be a garage and will actually flood at times! She loves the beach, and her favorite actress is Selena Gomez.


Singletary Construction is teaming up with Duncan and Duncan Construction to do the rebuild. They are introduced to the Scotts, then Ty gives Trina and the girls their mystery gift to take with them on their trip.

In a funny sequence, the design team is chased through the old house wearing bug costumes as The Termite Patrol moves in to exterminate! When the cloud of smoke clears – the house is gone! The Scott family watches all of this on a laptop in Disneyland.

Recording star, Usher, who is originally from Tennessee, really wanted to give to this family. He arrives on a bus and is immediately put to work on the dance-themed room with Paige! Usher calls this ‘heart’ work.

By Day 4 the new house is up, siding is going on, and windows are being installed. Usher is helping to lay tile. Michael is honoring law enforcement and fallen officers with a sign in the community.

In Disneyland, the Scott family is asked to open their mystery gift – they discover that they are going to be touring the set of Selena Gomez’s hit series, The Wizards of Waverley Place. Alethea is most excited to meet her fave actress!


On Day 5 Althea’s room is being painted in a beach theme, and Ty is fashioning a new office for Trina. Paige is making sure that Deirdre has a room she can dance in that is really tripped out!

Soon the truck is pulling up out front with the furniture and Usher finishes mopping the floor as he and Michael give the shout out to start moving it inside!

Trina and the girls are brought home early to see the mural honoring David Scott, and go crazy when they are escorted out of their limo by none other than Usher himself! Usher gives the girls an invite to his two-week summer camp where he mentors in business and service, and also offers them $25,000 to distribute throughout their community as they see fit.

Move That Bus!

The Scott family limo draws up beside the Extreme Makeover Home Edition bus with a police escort. Ty asks if they’re ready to see the house. Everyone chants, and the bus moves. The Scott ladies sob as they admire their large new home. They thank the builders, the design team, and Usher.


They head inside the house and are astounded by the warm, spacious interior that greets them. Ty comes in and tells them it was built with termite-resistant wood.

Deirdre is stunned by her purple, red, and yellow dance room with a ballet bar, and a proper floor for dancing. She has a video camera to record herself and a sweet stereo – donated by Sears. Usher comes in to dance with her – Ty joins in too!

Alethea is moved by her beach-themed room, as is Leyla, who has a gorgeous old Hollywood-style bedroom – so glamorous!

Trina gets to see her new room next – it has beautiful natural wood floors, photos of her girls on the wall, and adjoins her new office.

Ty takes the family outside, where they gather with the design team, and the wife and children of the other officer who was killed with David. Bank of America has paid off the Scott mortgage, and also has started a fund with $100,000 for all five kids to go to college!

Ty says they’ve given the Scott family ‘life renewed’. He welcomes them home.

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