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Chef Academy: No Smoking

December 07, 2009 11:34 PM by Lisa Princ


Tonight on an all new episode of Chef Academy on BRAVO we find out which of our culinary students passed or failed their tests from last week since we know Zoe, Kup and Kyle were the top three. The students also get put through a baking challenge and Chef Novelli lays down some laws and has some surprises to share tonight. Who will make it through another test without failing? And what’s this about a baby shower? Keep reading to find out!

After last week’s challenge on Chef Academy on BRAVO we learned tonight that everyone passed except for Suzanne and Emmanuel. Surprisingly enough, Suzanne did not fail because of her jacket mishap last week, but because her stock did not come out correct, which could be due to the fact that she missed half the class. Now the only two left in the class with no fails are Zoe and Leo, as everyone else has one fail against them.

Tonight’s challenge was baking on Chef Academy as Chef Novelli taught them the basics of bread and croque en bouche. The challenge was to make creative bread recipes, and whoever passed would move on to creating a croque en bouche for extra credit. The extra credit exercise would allow Chef Novelli to nominate a “head of the class” based on the best croque en bouche.


Baking was not the only challenge tonight on Chef Academy as Chef Novelli asked the students to make a pact to quit smoking as he believed it was interfering with their palates. Most of them were fine with it, with the exception of Tracie, who has been smoking a long time and struggled with even agreeing to the pact. Eventually, Tracie decides it is for the best and calls in a hypnotist to help her quit. She thinks about it on and off, but she uses her willpower and stays away.

They also have a baby shower tonight for Michelle at Suzanne’s home. The boys go off to surf and the girls enjoy a fun filled time full of treats that the students created themselves for the shower. Chef Novelli is extremely impressed at their creativity in creating the shower food. Suzanne pulls him aside and tells him that her esp told her that they are having a boy and Novelli tells her that they haven’t found out and refuses to bet her on it. Then, Chef Novelli and Michelle havea sonogram scheduled and find out that indeed they are having a boy. Chef Novelli pulls Suzanne aside and tells her but asks her to keep it a secret.


Back to business on Chef Academy on BRAVO as the students must present their bread dishes for the pass or fail challenge. Most of the students passed, with Kyle’s cinnamon roll being the best one despite Novelli’s attempt to trick Kyle into thinking he made him sick with his dish. Tracie had the most original breads, as one was a giant penis and the others were spicy cigarette rolls, but Chef Novelli loved her creativity and flavors. Suzanne failed as her bread was undercooked, as did Zoe who got her first fail tonight. Sarah completely blew Chef Novelli’s directions and put her bread in too late so it was not done in time and she got an automatic fail.

The remaining students geared up for their croque en bouche challenge to see who would be “head of the class”. After all of the had successful creations, Chef Novelli made them walk their creations across the street and back to ensure they were sturdy as well. Most impressive in creation and winning the challenge was Tracie. Maybe her lack of smoking was finally starting to help her palate. She was so excited by winning, hopefully it will keep her from smoking in the future! So, at the end of the night, we have Suzanne and Sarah with 2 fails each, Leo with 0 fails, and everyone else with 1 fail each. Hopefully Suzanne and Sarah do better next week, because at Novelli Academy, it is 3 strikes and you’re out!

Next week we move into the 10 pm EST time slot, so make sure to tune in then for another all new episode of Chef Academy on BRAVO. Remember to set your dvr’s for 10 instead of 11. See you after the show!

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