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Find My Family 12/07/09: The Spencer And Curtis Family Have Their Questions Answered

December 07, 2009 08:50 PM by Paulene Hinds


Tonight on Find My Family, the team help Kari Spencer track down her biological family and discover something she never could have imagined. Then the investigators help Jennifer Curtis search for her bioligcal family and reunite them at the Family Tree. Will Kari’s questions of abandonment be answered and what does Jennifer find out that changes her life forever? Keep reading to find out!


The first story began in San Antonio, Texas, with Kari Spencer, her husband, Dean, and their two little boys. For years Kari’s adopted parents tried to conceive before finally deciding to adopt. They adopted her when she was just 11 days old. At the time they did not know that they were actually pregnant with Kari’s sister, who was born just eight months later. Kari never doubted she was loved, but constantly struggled with acceptance issues.

After 38 years of feeling like an outsider, she decided to seek out her birth-parents to get answers to the many questions that had plagued her for years. She contacted the service agency that set up her adoption and was disheartened to see that the records showed that she had been abandoned by her birth-mother.

With a name, it was still difficult for the Find My Family team to find her birth-mother. After searching the entire State of Texas, they reached a dead end.  They began to search marriage records and found one that matched in Housten Texas. The woman confirmed that she was Kari’s mother and agreed to tell host, Lisa her story.


Lisa went out to get some answers from Vickie O’Day and Vickie said that she gave her daughter up for adoption because she already had one child and knew that she would never be able to give two children a good home. She said that she wrote her child a letter and after she met a man, that became her husband they tried to get their daughter back. Lisa told Vickie that Kari never received the letter. Vickie broke down, but was excited to hear that Kari was happy and wanted to give Vickie a letter. Vickie was excited to finally meet Kari after all of these years.

Host, Tim then met with Kari and her husband to give them the news that Vickie wanted to see her. He also explained the situation to Kari, why Kari was put up for adoption and that Vickie had wrote a letter of love to her when she gave her up. Tim then went on to say that Vickie had tried to get Kari back for three years, but was unable to. Kari felt much better about the situation and was ready to meet her birth-mother for the first time.

Kari and her birth-mother met at The Family Tree and what seemed like an eternity for both of the women ended with tears of joy. The void that Kari had felt all these years was filled as her birth-mother told her the story of how she came to be put up for adoption. Vickie then gave her daughter a circle necklace that was the same as her sisters. Later Vickie went home to meet her brothers and sister and was excited to see the family resemblance.

Next, the Find My Family team travelled to Asotin, Washington to meet 36-year-old Jennifer Curtis, her fiance, Brett, and her two children. Jennifer and Brett were planning their wedding and were perfectly happy, but Jennifer felt that something was missing. Having always known she was adopted, Jennifer had been searching for her biological family since she was 14. All she knew was that her birth mother was 16 when Jennifer was born, and that her birth mother’s neighbor adopted Jennifer. Her adoptive mother had four children, all boys, and desperately wanted to add a girl to the family. Jennifer also knew that she has an older brother who was given up for adoption as well.

Jennifer had hired a private investigator to search for her birth-mother, but it had been one dead end after another. Tim, Lisa and the search team began their search to help Jennifer find her family and finally found that someone else was searching for the same woman. A woman named Angela was searching for her mother Gerald as well. The brother that Jennifer thought existed instead was a sister! So far there had been no luck with mom, but Jennifer wanted to meet her sister Angela. Lisa went to meet Angela and after Angela read the letter from her sister, she agreed to meet Jennifer.

Tim then met Jennifer and explained that he had found a family member that would love to meet her, but they could not find her birth-mother. Her brother did not exist, it was an older sister! Jennifer was overwhelmed with emotion and felt it was too good to be true. Tim said that the search for her mother would still continue, but in the mean time the girls could be together and be happy. Jennifer did not feel so alone anymore.


The two girls met at The Family Tree. Jennifer found it breathtaking to finally have this day here and Angela felt that she would be able to have someone to help her work through the issues of abandonment. The girls embraced in an overwhelming, excited hug. Jennifer told Angela that she had looked and prayed for her and now they would never let each other go. Tim then surprised the girls with the information that the team had found their birth-mom and she wanted to meet them. The girls met their birth-mom Gerald and realized that they were her only girls. As the three women hugged, Gerald apologized for leaving the girls and they told her that there was nothing to apologize for. Gerald finally had closure after all of these years.

Next week, two more families come together under the Family Tree as Find My Family airs Monday at 9 PM ET, on the ABC.

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