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Million Dollar Listing: Season Finale

December 07, 2009 09:55 PM by Lisa Princ


Tonight on BRAVO, we say farewell to Josh Flagg, Chad Rogers and Madison Hildebrand as this season of Million Dollar Listing comes to an end. We had fun while it lasted, and don’t think these guys won’t go out with a bang! As they each reflect on the past year, what have learned about themselves? If you think you know how it ends, think again!

The bad boys of real estate are working hard to get their last sales of the season in tonight on Million Dollar Listing on BRAVO. All three of them reflect on the past year and what they have learned. They all wind up meeting up at a habitat for humanity site where they all will be volunteering. Josh attempts to call a truce with Chad, but Chad just can’t get over himself or Josh’s threat to Starla. All the while Madison is left wondering what is going on between these two and finally gives up deciding that he may never know.

Josh Flagg has had a scary year with his health, but in the end it all worked out despite what he originally thought. He reflects on how the slow market has allowed him to spend more time with his grandmother, including their trip to Holland, which is priceless to him. Josh is positive that the upcoming year will be a better one all around.

Then it is on to business as Josh gets called to list a demolished home with only a few walls left standing. After very little interest, he finally gets an offer from a cash buyer looking to get a construction loan on the property. Knowing the chances of getting a construction loan in this market are slim to none, Josh works a deal with his seller to do a private loan. His seller agrees and they celebrate by busting champagne bottles on what is left of the home.


Madison Hildebrand, after finally getting his clients to reduce the price of their home, gets a joke of an offer. The potential buyer only wants to spend 1 million which ends up about 600k under what his clients need to get for the home, but eventually gives Madison a real offer. However, after it falls through, Madison’s clients decided to go to their bank and get a reworked loan so they could keep their dream home. Not good news for Madison, but in the end it worked out for everyone.

As Madison reflects on the past year of his life on Million Dollar Listing on BRAVO he comes to a conclusion regarding his sexuality. The photoshoot was just what he needed to push him in the right direction as he realizes he is not interested in women, but men only. Madison finally decides he is missing that special someone in his life and it is time to change that. Maybe we’ll see a new love for Madison next season!


Chad Rogers gets caught up in a foreclosure tonight on Million Dollar Listing on BRAVO as his buddy is about to have his home foreclosed as he has not made a payment in 9 months. Chad decides to help his friend by getting some advice from a mortgage officer. His buddy, who is just breaking into the recording industry takes the advice Chad has brought him and ends up with a deal which winds up saving his home.

As Chad reflects on his year, he finally realizes that he would be nothing without the love and support of Victoria, so he plans something special for her. As he and Starla work hard to keep the secret, he tells Victoria he has specials for them, no phones, no clients, nothing. He tells her they need to make a stop for a client before they go but it will be quick. As they tour the home, Chad tells Victoria that his important client is her! He wants to buy the home for the three of them to show her that he is serious. Seriously Chad!?!? I think that poor girl was waiting for a diamond ring. While she seems happy, she also looks a tad disappointed, big shock. Guess we will have to wait until next season to see if they are still together. In the meantime, maybe Chad will get a clue.
That wraps up the season of Million Dollar Listing on BRAVO. See you back here next season!

Even though the season is over, we’re chatting about our favorite agents! Come share your thoughts on the gurus of real estate on the Reality TV Magazine message boards.

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