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The Biggest Loser Crowns A Winner

December 08, 2009 08:23 PM by DA Southern


The Biggest Loser, the “Second Chance” season, officially ends with a pretty strong case that we will not have another woman winner this season. With both Rudy and Danny easily securing their safe passage into the finale and America voting between Liz and Amanda, it would be a difficult case to make that Rudy or Danny would falter at the end. However, this is a percentage-based affair and no one can be deceived by weight loss numbers alone, so it will be interesting to see if the men can put up the numbers like they did last week after the marathon the four ran.

After a bit of Finale fanfare that you expect for any finale, the oh-so-beautiful host, Alison Sweeney, got us into America’s vote pretty quick. America took a liking to Amanda at the last finale; the question was whether she would continue to court favor or would Grandmother Liz capture the hearts of the voters?


The women both came out and looked SPECTACULAR. OMG…Amanda had it all together and Liz, well, she is definitely not your Grandmother’s grandmother. Oh, never mind. Based on the looks of them both, Amanda definitely looks to have a better chance of coming close to beating the guys and after teasing us with the results, then a commercial, we found that America still loved Amanda and sent her back to face-off with Danny and Rudy. One thing is for sure, if Amanda did win it all, it would definitely be an American success story.


The voted-off Losers started to file out with Antoine, Alexandra, Sean, and Julio being the first four out. Antoine looked the best of the bunch, but youth pastor Sean looks as if he had made tremendous progress as well.

The First Four Weigh In:

Alexandra started at 309 lbs/Now 218; lost 91 lbs for a 29.45% weight loss

Antoine started at 367 lbs/He lost 152 pounds for a 41.49% weight loss

Sean started at 444 lbs/He lost 155 pounds, but not enough to beat Antoine, but still respectable

Julio started at 401 and lost 180 pounds and took the lead with a 44.23% weight loss. Surprising as Julio was a bigger guy to begin with and didn’t look as though he had beat Antoine

The next four out were Coach Mo, Dina, Abby, and Tracey. Abby and Tracey looked fantastic of the four but had a big task ahead to content with Julio’s 44% weight loss.

The Next Four Weigh-In:

Coach Mo started at 355 lbs/He now weighs 263 pounds and a 25.92% weight loss but not enough to displace Julio

Dina began her journey at 253 lbs/She now weighs 174 for a 31.23% weight loss, leaving Julio still at top

Abby started at 247 lbs/She now weighs 147 lbs and a 40.49% weight loss, but not quite enough to

Tracey started at 250 lbs/Lost 118 lbs and a 47.02 % weight loss and the lead

The Next Five:

Shay, Daniel, Rebecca, Allen and Liz were paraded out and looked to see if they could unseat Tracey. The Biggest Loser Doctor, Dr. H, commented on the overall health of Daniel and Shay and the improvements they had made in their overall health with Daniel adding over 20 years and Shay, at this point, adding nearly as much.

Shay, started at 476 lbs, the heaviest woman ever on the Biggest Loser/She lost 172 lbs for a 36.13% weight loss, not enough to beat Tracey

Daniel, the second time out, stared at 312 lbs/He lost 111 for a 35.58% weight loss

Rebecca, who even changed her hair color and was flaunting a short skirt with her new body, started at 279 lbs/She had a 139 lbs weigh loss for a 49.82 % weight loss and the lead. I guess she deserves the new dress

Allen began at 325 lbs/He lost 116 lbs for a 35.69 % weight loss

Grandmother Liz stared her journey at 267 lbs and finished with a 91 lbs weight loss giving Rebecca a whole lotta new short dress money and I guess she earned it.

Shay then got an additional bit of news and Bob said that Subway was inviting her back for the Finale of the next season and will give her a $1000 for each pound she loses by next May. Definitely a pretty sweet incentive.

The Final Three:

Rudy was profiled and his journey of the massive weight loss he went through at the ranch that got him into the finale and the death of his sister that sent him on his weight gain explosion.

Then Antoine proposed to Alexandra…insert love emotions here on your own.

Danny’s story was profiled as we saw him at the beginning of his 430 lbs journey and his former Rock Star good looks, according to him. What was funny was that he said that he felt like someone had stolen his dreams, but it was him.

Finally, America’s sweetheart, Amanda, was shown receiving America’s vote at the last finale and various sessions of whining during her days at the ranch. One thing is for sure, Amanda did seem to grow up a bit in her journey to wellness.

The Final Weigh-In:

Wow, NBC did some cool techy stuff when they had the old Losers and the new Losers walk out on stage together. Wow, between Danny and Rudy, Danny looked to have lost the most weight but Rudy is a bit taller and looks can be deceiving. It was funny when Danny said that he had lost so much weight that no one recognizes him and with the $250,000 he will probably win, he can buy a new wardrobe.


Danny decided that Amanda would go first, followed by Rudy with himself last. Smart!

Amanda started at 250 lbs and lost an incredible 87 pounds and a 34.80%, but not near enough to beat the guys.

Rudy started at 442 lbs and in his journey to become The Biggest Loser, ended up shedding 234 lbs leaving Danny to best his 52.94%


Danny began at 430 lbs and needed to lose over 227 lbs to best Rudy in his goal of being The Biggest Loser…and he did by losing a total of 239 lbs and picking up a cool quarter of a million reasons to keep off the weight.


Congrats goes out to all of the Losers for another great and inspiring season. Now, let’s all get some cookies and ice cream to celebrate.

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Photos Courtesy: NBC

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