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Launch My Line: Beachwear Drama

December 09, 2009 10:35 PM by Lisa Princ


Tonight on Launch My Line on BRAVO the designers and experts are given their next challenge: create a daytime beach outfit. Simple enough right? Ah, that is until they learn they must incorporate orange fabric in their design, yikes! Will our designers be able to pull it off, or will they flop at the fashion show? Click here to find out!

After Louanna’s win last week on Launch My Line on BRAVO, she was confident as ever going into this week’s challenge. As Dan and Dean revealed that the designers must create a daytime beachwear outfit and incorporate some orange fabric that they supplied, Louanna was given the opportunity to choose her fabric first and then chose who would chose next as a reward for her win last week.

The designers and experts were also paid a visit from Sally Lohan, local trendsetting forecaster. She gave them a list of the upcoming colors for 2010 as well as styles, etc. Sally accompanied the teams on a beach trip so they could find some inspiration for their upcoming designs. Patrick chose a striped awning as his inspiration, while Vanessa chose a mosaic sculpture and Kevin chose the wings of a bird he watched on the boardwalk.


After their inspirational trip to Venice Beach, tempers flared early on tonight as Coco and Marylin went head to head. Coco was about to give up and Marilyn had enough of Coco’s attitude. After letting Dan and Dean know she would continue without Coco if need be, Coco came to her senses and to Marilyn’s aide. They finally managed to put their heads together and came up with a beautiful, golden beach dress created for the average size woman.

The attitude problems did not end there however. Roberto decided to prove who the real drama queen was tonight on Launch My Line as he flew into a rage simply because Patrick thought he should have a little more say in his line. From yelling to ripping apart Patrick’s logo poster, Roberto really lost it and made Patrick walk off for a while, leaving Roberto to finish up himself. When Patrick returned, they kissed and made up as Roberto agreed to control his anger issues.


At the fashion show, you could the judges enthusiasm to see all the new creations as they could tell the designers were getting better and better. Patrick, Louanna, Marilyn, and Kevin were told they were safe and could leave the stage with their experts. This left Vanessa, Merle, Kathy, David and Eric, one of whom would be going home and one who would win the show for the night. Dean and Dan informed Merle and Eric that they were the top two for the evening, but Eric won.

Now we had David, Vanessa and Kathy left on Launch My Line. The judges reviewed all their designs again. They were not crazy about Kathy’s jellyfish strands on her design, thinking she took them too literally. David’s design was too dark and they agreed if he won, all they would see was a dreary, dark line that would not sell. Vanessa’s design was over the top just like last week, with too much sparkle in too many places.

After careful review, they decided that David would be going home and his line would be dropped. Good luck to David, and tune in next Wednesday at our new time of 10 pm EST for an all new episode of Launch My Line on BRAVO. See you after the show!

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Photos courtesy of: BRAVO

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One Response to “Launch My Line: Beachwear Drama”

  1. fashiongod Says:
    December 12th, 2009 at 12:31 am

    I loved the show. I loved the whole creative process and that they included a trend meteorologist. She was quite boring, but the show was certainly not.

    I love the Patrick and Roberto team. It comes me coming back to see how they will resolve their egos.

    I agree ..The architect was the one who should have gone home.
    And the DJ just seemd to be following his experts lead. Because the last two looks are similar to her designs on her collection.
    The next person to go should be Vanessa.Enough already.

    Patrick and Roberto’s dress was beautiful. Patrick walked out and Roberto did stay to finish the dress.So he is not that bad after all. I do not think that Roberto is trying to hurt Patrick but teach him…Isn’t Patrick the wanna be designer. I mean you should know how to sew and construct clothes to say the very least. I think the dress was gorgeous. The shoes even the litlle handbag was adorable.

    Remmber it’s a show and we don’t get to see the behind the scences of why people get so upset with each other. It seems like the tensions are very high between mpst of the designers and the experts. Except Emil and the jewelry designer. They both seem so sweet.

    Poor Coco does not stand a chance with Marylin. Last week she seemed determined(and I think her dress should have won last week) but this week she just seems like a drill sergant with poor Coco.

    I did have a Calvin Klein dress, that was similiar to last weeks winning look ,in the 90′s except without the tail in the back..Will try to find it on the internet and post.

    I will stay tuned that’s for sure..

    I think you guys are missing the boat here!! Lou Anna’s dress was a Calvin Klein knock-off!! Racked NY also agrees!


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