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Big Brother Interview Exclusive: Kevin Campbell Speaks!

December 10, 2009 07:45 AM by Christine McDow


We love Big Brother and are always sad that there is so little news about the show during the off season.  We were thrilled when we got a chance to interview Kevin from Big Brother 11 and talk to him about his job at the San Diego– Rescue Social Change Group and about his time on Big Brother.  Click below to find out why Kevin is so proud of the RescueSCG, about his scheming in the BB house, and about the possibility of him showing up on another reality TV show in the future!


RTVM:  Please tell me about San Diego– Rescue Social Change Group. What is its’ purpose?  Why did you join?  What is your job there?

Kevin: It’s a social marketing agency that focuses it’s efforts on issues such as tobacco, obesity, violence, and healthy lifestyles in very specific communities, including teens, young adults and LGBT.  I joined as a graphic designer cause its great to work for a company whose mission is “change” and positive change rather than marketing the latest “widgety-doo-hickey”.

RTVM:  What do you see the Group accomplishing in the future and how do you hope to be apart of it?

Kevin: Personally I’d like to see us continue focus on the LGBT community since I’m apart of that community and we are one of the highest risk groups in tobacco use and other risky behaviors.

RTVM:  Did you use your experience with the group to help you in the Big Brother house?

Kevin: Working at RescueSCG is HIGHLY competitive! Were a young and ambitious group of people…who are all “type A’s” so it has definitely helped me in the game.

RTVM: What are you most proud of when it comes to this group and your involvement in it?

Kevin: I LOVE IT when I hear our efforts in specific communities have actually contributed to a measurable drop in a given behavior.

RTVM:  What is one word that your co-workers would use to describe you?

Kevin: Extra-fabulousssssss!

RTVM:  You were quite the schemer on the show, are you that way in real life?

Kevin: Not really…I actually consider myself a very honest person….BUT throughout the casting process I told the producers that growing up as a closeted Jehovah’s Witness helped me develop “skill sets” of lying and manipulating to hide the secret that I was a Big-Ole-Queen.  I call that the “gay tool belt” and I was willing to put those tools to use in the house!

RTVM:  Please correct me if I am wrong but if I remember correctly you mentioned that you hadn’t come out to most of your family prior to the show.  They clearly know now that you are gay, what were their reactions?  Open arms for you and your boyfriend?  Are you still happily together?


Kevin: My boyfriend’s family didn’t officially know he is gay, so whenever his family would come over we would pretend to be “roommates”.  I was worried about that before getting on the show, but we discussed and he was fully supportive and OK with the exposure. My family has been surprising supportive…although we haven’t really been in contact before the show, they actually met my boyfriend for the first time right after the show finished.

RTVM:  Who do you keep in contact with from the show?  Who have you not spoken too since the finale?

Kevin: I just hung out with Lydia, Ronnie and Michele yesterday for a charity event!  I’ve kept in contact with most of the house guests minus a few.  I want to keep in contact with all of them since we are now a family, albeit a dysfunctional family.

RTVM:  What do you think about the rumors of Jeff and Jordan competing in the next Amazing Race?  Do you think they will get far?

Kevin: WOW!  My cellphone/twitter blew up when it was leaked they were gonna be on the show.  Cheyne from this season was actually one of the first to call me!  I was like “OMG”…it’s gonna be great TV to say the least!  Of course I would have loved to do the race too, but Jeff and Jordan will represent Big Brother I’m sure.

RTVM:   Would you be willing to go back in the Big Brother house again for an All Stars edition, or on another reality show?

Kevin: YES. YES. YES!  I would be honored if they would consider me for All Stars.  I don’t think I’d get picked since there are sooooo many other great past house guests, but if I was…I’d do sooooo much differently!

Thank you Kevin so much for answering our questions!  It was great catching up with you and learning more about RescueSCG.

From us to CBS: Please cast Kevin in a future edition of Big Brother, or better yet let us watch him race around the world with his boyfriend on Amazing Race!

To our readers:  Please keep an eye on our website for an exclusive interview with Cheyne Whitney, winner of this seasons Amazing Race who also works at RescueSCG.

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