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Biggest Loser: Alexandra White Was Shocked By Proposal

December 10, 2009 11:00 AM by Britteny Elrick


Last Tuesday, The Biggest Loser season 8 finale had more than just weight loss to be excited about. Contestant Antoine Dove got down on one knee to propose to fellow contestant Alexandra White. Keep reading to hear what she had to say after the finale…

“I am so happy right now,” Alexandra told Usmagazine.com after Antoine popped the question.”I am so shocked since it just happened!” Apparently, the pair had discussed marriage, but it still came as a surprise to Alexandra. “I didn’t know until he got on his knee!” she continued. “Life happens!”

She continued to say how much of a support Antoine has been to her throughout her entire journey. “He really supported me through my whole weight-loss journey, and he really accepted me for who I was then,” she said. “I guess we would say the same thing. We really supported each other through losing weight. Losing weight is not easy. If anyone tells you that it is, they’re fibbing. We really helped each other, and right now, we’re focusing on couples’ weight-loss. Regardless if it’s your fiancé or your mother, you need that support. Right now we’re making a web site and maybe writing a couple books on couples’ weight-loss.”

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