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So You Think You Can Dance: Exit Interview With Mollee Gray and Legacy Perez

December 10, 2009 01:52 PM by Lisa Princ


Last night on So You Think You Can Dance on FOX surprisingly two fan favorites Legacy Perez and Mollee Gray were both sent home after what was the toughest voting week yet for America. We’ve got the scoop on their thoughts about the show, coming so close to the finale, and what is next for them. Keep reading to find out what Mollee Gray and Legacy Perez wanted to share with us!

Mollee Gray was up first for the interview and here is what she had to say:

Question: Your work always has gymnastics and dance blended, have you always been doing gymnastics and have you competed in that as well?

Mollee Gray: I originally started out in gymnastics, my mom put me in there since I was a ball of energy. At 15 I had to choose between dance and gymnastics as they were interfering and I chose dance since it would be a bigger career for me there.

Question: Can you tell us about what you stated was your biggest moment, rehearsing for High School Musical?

Mollee Gray: It was crazy, I was a 13 year old, just a little teenager. I went in for this audition for what was supposed to be this little film that no one would even see but I thought I may as well start my career early. I was very lucky and grateful to get a jumpstart on my career.

Question: You always got comments about your maturity, when do you think you jumped forward in being able to portray a more mature Mollee on stage?

Mollee Gray: I always had a sense of maturity in my dance, although my performances may not have shown that since I was so bubbly. When we moved into the top 10 and split apart, I think my maturity level went up as we switched partners and started new dance styles.

Question: How hard was it to hear about your maturity level or lack of on a weekly basis?

Mollee Gray: It’s funny actually, I grew up with people either loving or hating how bubbly I am. I learned to accept who I am regardless. It was difficult to hear because I don’t think of myself as immature, just outgoing.

Question: Is a part of you sorry that you didn’t get Jakob or Russell earlier on since you did so amazing with them?

Mollee Gray: I am actually grateful I got Nathan. I think we got younger people to like So You Think You Can Dance since we obviously had a younger feel to us. By having Jakob and Russell as partners after the top 10, it showed more growth for me which was good for the competition itself.

Question: What was your favorite dance?

Mollee Gray: My favorite dance ever was the Viennese Waltz with Jakob. He is the most amazing partner to work with and it was like a dream come true. It was the most magical experience ever.

Question: Can you tell us a something interesting or unknown about Jakob and Russell?

Mollee Gray: Well, Jakob may come off as very shy onscreen but he is the funniest person I have ever met. He is very humble, but he hilarious. Russell comes off as this tough guy Krumpter, but in fact he is a big teddy bear. Seriously, you just want to pinch his cheeks when you talk to him because he is so cute.

Question: What have you learned from your experience on So You Think You Can Dance ?

Mollee Gray: I learned way back in Vegas that this is much more than just dance. Technical only gets you so far and not into the top spot. It also depends on your personality and what America thinks of you. I had to get America to like me and not think of me as a little girl.

Question: What is next for you? Would you do broadway since everyone comments at how well you would do?

Mollee Gray: I am not sure what is next, but anything with acting, dancing or singing. I love them all and like to think of myself as a triple threat since I have trained in all three. I would love to do broadway since it includes acting, dancing and singing.


Next up it was Legacy Perez, this is what he wanted to share:

Question: Nigel said last night that he didn’t think America was voting against you, but that they were voting for Ryan and Ashleigh so they could dance together in the finale, do you think that is true?

Legacy Perez: Absolutely. I don’t think anyone gets “voted against” in the competition. I am actually glad I left at this point in the competition and happy to see Ryan and Ashleigh get through to the finale.

Question: Can you tell us what style you learned the most from?

Legacy Perez: Actually, I learned the most about my body during the different genres. With every genre I feel like I can take it and apply it to my genre.

Question: Can you tell us again how you ended up in LA?

Legacy Perez: I was in Miami and saw a movie which everyone was a part of and my friend and I were thinking “Why aren’t we in this movie?”. I had $240 in my pocket and we drove from Miami to California and we danced for donations on the street to keep us there. This was back in 2004.

Question: What did you learn from your tour with Gwen Stefani?

Legacy Perez: Yes, I toured with Gwen Stefani. It was a blessing to go on the road and learn the tour life.

Question: What was your favorite dance?

Legacy Perez: Both of my contemporaries. I love contemporary because it comes from the heart and makes it so the movement does not have to be perfect. Its more the “why” you do it that has to be perfect, and I loved being able to move so freely. Instead of worrying about the choreography so much, it was more the feeling and how it made me feel to dance it that made it so enjoyable.

Question: What was the most difficult dance for you on So You Think You Can Dance?

Legacy Perez: The Viennese Waltz. It was so slow and melodic and beautiful and everything against what I would normally do. The opportunity to take that obstacle and make it amazing helped me out in my last solo where I was spinning lyrically if you know what I mean.

Question: What feedback have you gotten from other B-boys since being on the show?

Legacy Perez: I gained respect, people were inspired before by the movement I have created for myself. Other b-boys that have been inspired by me, those are the people who text me and write messages saying “thank you so much, you have inspired me” and to me that is the ultimate.

Question: Can you tell us something interesting about Ellenore?

Legacy Perez: You know, her personality and how she fights for what she wants is just beautiful. I am so proud of her and everyone who has made the finale. She is very entertaining and very outspoken. She is beautiful, quirky and best of all she is real.

Question: Did you ever think you would make the top 10?

Legacy Perez: Honestly, coming into the auditions on So You Think You Can Dance, I never thought I would even make the top 20. Not negatively, but logically thinking how everyone else could incorporate the different choreography with ease and it may be a challenge for me. I am surprised and glad I made it this far, and I hope I have inspired others.

Question: What is next for you?

Legacy Perez: I would love to pursue acting, maybe choreography and later directing. My b-boy creativity has opened up my mind to making pieces different and impacting.

Best of luck to both Mollee Gray and Legacy Perez! We look forward to hearing from you in the future!
Be sure to tune in Tuesday at 8 pm EST to So You Think You Can Dance on FOX for the finale performance episode! See you after the show.

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