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Survivor: Samoa — Two Tribal Councils

December 10, 2009 08:20 PM by Ryan Haidet


Another great night for Survivor fans — tonight’s episode delivered a double dose of eliminations.  But that’s not all, it seemed strategies started shifting as thoughts about the end of the game surfaced.  Was Russell able to keep his alliance strong, or did everything crumble when Mick and Jaison started having second thoughts?

Russell’s Secrets

On the beach, Jaison, Brett and Monica talked about who they would vote for in the end of the game.  Brett immediately declared he thought Russell would get a lot of votes if he made it to that point.  That’s when Jaison revealed to them that Russell was actually a millionaire.


And then we got a Brett confessional!  Yes!  A Brett confessional!  He does exist.  Hard to believe, but Brett got camera time.  But it was short lived.  The eight contestants quickly gathered for an Immunity Challenge — possibly one of the lamest ever.  It was Survivor‘s version of bowling.  Squaring off two at a time, it was played in rounds of single eliminations.

After a dull few rounds, it came down to Jaison and Shambo.  In the first roll, neither of them hit a single pin.  In the last roll, Shambo missed entirely.  All Jaison needed was one pin, which he easily did.  He won Immunity for the second time in a row.

Dave Or Shambo

Day 31 back at camp, Dave started to realize he was a potential target at Tribal Council.  Moments later, down at the beach Russell told both Natalie and Mick that Dave was their next vote.  It seemed like an easy choice, too.  Nobody questioned it — until Monica came over and tried to work her magic.  She tried to convince Russell that Dave is not as threatening as other players left in the game.  She put the seed in Russell’s mind that Shambo would likely win votes in the jury, since most of it will end up comprised of Galu tribe members.


Russell was happy he had options — either Dave or Shambo.  “Your best strategic move would be talking to me,” Russell told Dave.

At Tribal Council, Monica said unpredictability is a scary thing to deal with at this point in the game.  That’s where Dave said you must have people on your side who you are more likely to beat at the end of the game.  “I appreciate that, that’s a good strategy,” Russell said.  When the votes were read, it was extremely predictable — despite his apparent pleas, Dave had his torch snuffed as he made the transition over to the jury.


Another Immunity Challenge

The next day at camp, Russell thought Brett should be the next target — “Brett is a huge threat in this game,” he said in a confessional.  But Brett easily won Immunity at the next challenge, which left Russell seeking other options — Monica.

But Brett started working strategy on Mick, and it seemed to be working.  Mick was ready to make a big move, which he thought consisted of taking out Russell next.  “It’s tough,” he said.


That’s when Monica started stirring the pot.  She told Russell that Jaison had been spilling his secrets to everybody — especially the fact that he is already a wealthy person.  Russell was instantly angry as he went on the hunt for more information.

A Bold Move

Immediately after the jury walked into Tribal Council, Russell stood up and broke out his hidden Idol and placed it around his neck.  It was a brave way of showing everybody that he is a force to be wary of in the game.  Shambo said the whole day was ugly because of Russell’s anger.  Monica loved it though.  “He was fuming,” she laughed.

With it out in the wide open, Russell kept the hidden Idol wrapped around his neck and watched Probst start reading the votes.  Russell’s plan worked again, as Monica was the next person sent packing.


Images courtesy of CBS.

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Survivor is now quickly winding down with just two episodes remaining.  Find out who wins the $1 million during the live finale from Hollywood on Sunday, December 20.  And as we have brought you for the last few years, stay tuned for all of Ryan Haidet’s exclusive coverage from the finale and the red carpet.

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