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Survivor: Samoa — ‘Danger’ Dave’s Thoughts

December 12, 2009 01:19 PM by Ryan Haidet


Watch out Eliza — you have some competition when it comes to great facial expressions at Tribal Council.  “Danger” Dave Ball’s jaw dropped numerous times on Survivor: Samoa when his own allies were blindsided one after the other — on some instances, it almost looked as if somebody had stabbed him in the stomach.  But when it came time for the snuffing of his own torch, Dave was far less surprised since he knew they were targeting him.  In a conference call with reporters, Dave dished the dirt on Russell’s strategy and has harsh words for both John and Shambo.  It’s about to get dangerous with Dave!


Question:  What was your initial reaction when Russell stood up at Tribal Council and placed the hidden Immunity Idol around his neck?

Dave Ball:  My initial reaction was wow, what a douche bag.

Question:  What did you think of Russell’s game play?

Dave:  So far it’s getting the job done.  You can’t really say too much about it.  It’s brutal and cruel — it lacks finesse, but he’s getting the job done.


Question:  Were you aware of Russell’s deceptive personality?

Dave:  An hour after we got back from the merge, we were all clear to never trust anything Russell said — except for John.  Haha.  The rocket scientist.  Of course, he also believed Shambo.  Wow, I fear for our defense industry.

Question:  Galu had a clear advantage, when did everything start to fall apart for you?

Dave:  Whenever Russell played the hidden Immunity Idol and we blindsided Kelly.  Are you kidding me?  Losing a goddess like that!  Of course it went down hill from there.  Are you mad, sir?!?!


Question:  John said last week that he felt Russell is the greatest player ever.  Do you agree?

Dave:  John has never seen the show before, and doesn’t know how to play the game, so he really wouldn’t know.  Second answer is, there are several different games going on within the overall game of Survivor.  There’s the social game, there’s the game in challengers, there’s apparently a hidden Immunity Idol game and there’s a strategy game.  How did Russell do in challenges?  Pretty poor.  How’s he doing socially?  Also pretty poor.  John likes making big statements that make him sound intelligent like, “Brett’s just young, and not very smart.”  When in fact, Brett is much smarter than John and only two years younger.


Question:  Why risk $1 million for Laura by pushing for a tie vote?

Dave:  The obvious and easy answer is she would have done the same thing for me.  She wouldn’t have blinked.  We were a team.  Honestly, any other move would’ve been stupid.  Obviously, look what happened to John.  Anything else would’ve been retarded.  Think about it.  You’ve got numbers, but if you flip you ain’t got numbers no more.  John was stupid and cowardly to flip.  Bottom line. …  John played an individual game and he’s gone.  Erik listened to John, and he was gone.  The only person out there playing an individual game is Shambo, and she’s not really even playing a game.  She’s just lashing out at the demons of the past.


Question:  Did you know Shambo was having crazy dreams about getting rid of you?

Dave:  No.  She didn’t reveal her psychosis to everyone else, only to the camera.  When she does those faces, she’s a viper.  You look at her eyes and it’s like, wow!  Somebody schooled at reading faces could say, “That is not a particularly healthy individual.”


Question:  What is the hardest part of Survivor?

Dave:  Watching my family get taken out.  Watching Kelly get blindsided was probably the worst moment of the game.  She didn’t do anything to anybody, and she was a champion.  She was a fierce competitor with a good heart.  So was Laura.  Laura was amazing.  She was just absolutely sweet as punch.  Shambo is a complete and total wingnut, who just had a grudge against her, because Laura represented everything that Shambo could never be — competent, bright, strong, funny and well liked.  Watching all of those people get taken out just from bitterness and hurt from an emotional child is just gross.  It’s a crime.  It’s a sin.  But you know what, the Lord works in mysterious ways, baby.


Question:  How did you get selected to be a contestant?

Dave:  I actually sent in a tape and heard nothing back.  Then a year later, a friend of mine was working for casting and said, “Hey buddy, did you ever think about going on Survivor?”  I got a real mean look on my face and was like, “I would get that show.  I would kill that show.  I would rule.” …  I was an alternate to go on Survivor: China, but that didn’t pan out.  I’ve been on the short list ever since, and they waited till they found the season that was right for “Danger” Dave Ball, and they cast me.  And honestly, good choice, too, because I remember being in Galu camp going, “I’m so happy that I waited.  I’m so happy.  This is exactly the tribe I want to be with.  This is exactly where I want to be.”  So it worked well.


Images courtesy of CBS.

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