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Chef Academy: The Naked Chef!?!?

December 14, 2009 11:04 PM by Lisa Princ


Tonight on an all new episode of Chef Academy on BRAVO the culinary students are taught some basic vegetarian dishes and then tested on them. After Tracie’s great week last week, can she keep the momentum going? Will our two strike students Suzanne and Sarah make it through another week, and how many more will have two strikes before the night is over? Keep reading to find out what happens with the Novelli Academy and who bares it all tonight!

Chef Novelli goes vegetarian tonight on Chef Academy on BRAVO as he teaches the chefs in training to make simple yet delicious vegetarian dishes. He starts with a basic parmesan basket, then a pea and mint soup to an eggplant dish that looked delightful as well as potatoes au gratin. Their test this week will be recreating three of these dishes.

First order of business for the evening is Tracie choosing two of the other students to accompany her to a seven course Michelin style meal cooked by none other than Chef Novelli as her reward for winning last week’s extra credit. Tracie chose Kyle and Leo, but Chef Novelli was not happy that she did not chose a lady and asked that she pick a woman from the group as well, what’s one more right? She chose Suzanne who seemed thrilled to join along and who wouldn’t be for a once in a lifetime experience like this? What Tracie didn’t know what that Chef Novelli asked that Emmanuel come by to serve dessert to the guests since Tracie always has her eyes on him.


Immediately following their lesson on Chef Academy on BRAVO, the culinary students are taken through a knife safety course by Steve Kitchen since Chef Novelli feels it would be useful as Emmanuel has cut himself more than once while using a knife. Steve went through the steps with them and then asked that they cut up some shallots. While doing so, Emmanuel screamed and when everyone looked over, all you could see was blood and half of a finger laying on his cutting board. Sarah is about to pass out when Emmanuel starts cracking up, he was joking the entire time. Sarah didn’t seem to think it was very funny.

Next it was time for dinner at Chef Novelli’s home. He cooked a spectacular seven course meal for them which they all seemed to love. What they all didn’t know was that Emmanuel was in the other room waiting to serve Tracie dessert. At the suggestion of Chef Novelli’s personal assistant, Emmanuel decided to not only remove his shirt, but his pants as well. Calm down ladies, he did have an apron on, but there was a clear view of his hind quarters! Tracie couldn’t have been more thrilled nor could she keep her hands off his tush!


After all that fun it was back to business on Chef Academy as it was testing day. Chef Novelli grouped the students in 3′s and asked that they recreate 3 of his vegetarian dishes, and if 2 in the group passed, the entire group passed and vice versa. Leo, Sarah and Suzanne were teamed up; Kup, Kyle and Carissa were teamed up; and Tracie, Zoe and Emmanuel were teamed up.

When they completed their dishes, he mixed up the dishes so he would not know whose were whose. Suzanne was up first and she looked so nervous, but luckily Chef Novelli loved her dish. He also liked Sarah’s potatoes. Their group passed despite Leo’s dish being the one failing in the group, thankfully the girls pulled him through. The other two groups failed and he decided to give them a second chance.

Chef Novelli gave the two failing teams another test that only one could pass. They were asked to chose one person from their team to make a marzipan flower as Chef Novelli had shown them in the past. Upon completion, the winning team of Suzanne, Sarah and Leo would vote on who had the better flower. Emmanuel made a flower for his team and Kyle, trying to redeem himself did the flower for his team. After carefully reviewing them both Suzanne, Leo and Sarah were all in agreement that Kyle’s was the better flower leaving Tracie, Zoe and Emmanuel with a fail.

Now that we have so many 2 fails, I wonder if anyone will be sent home next week? Guess we’ll have wait and find out.
Be sure to tune in next week at 10 pm EST for an all new episode of Chef Academy on BRAVO. See you after the show!

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