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Find My Family 12/14/09: Wavie Evans And Maria Finn Hope To Find Their Family

December 14, 2009 08:38 PM by Paulene Hinds


Tonight on Find My Family, a father searches for a son that was given up for adoption thirty years ago and a daughter searches for her birth-mother with only her birth name and a pendant to go by. Will Find My Family be able to track down Tyrone and will Maria be reunited with her birth-mother after 43 years? Keep reading to find out.


First, Tim Green traveled to San Antonio, TX to meet Wavie Evans, 52, who was looking for the son he lost 30 years ago. Wavie is now a father of seven and yearns to complete his family by reconnecting with his son, Tyrone, whom was given up for adoption by his then-girlfriend three decades ago. His current wife and his family have tried to help, but have had no luck in finding Tyrone. As Tyrone’s adoption was private, the Find My Family team had only one piece of information to go on…a birthdate. They began the challenging task of contacting the two thousand men born on that date in California and luckily they found the family and the missing son, who was now named Sean.

Sean met with host Lisa and explained that he had never felt like his personality matched with the family he has been in, but he had lived a blessed life. Lisa explained that his biological father was looking for him and that his father never knew he was given up for adoption until it was too late and that he had a biological sister named Torie. Sean read the letter from his biological dad and was thrilled beyond words that his father had found him.


Tim then went to meet up with Wavie and gave him the news that they had found his son and he wanted to meet him. Wavie waited at the bottom of The Family Tree and was overcome with emotion. He wanted his son to know that he loved him and wanted him in his life and as the two embraced, Sean told Wavie to give up the guilt of not having him in his life. Sean felt a sense of hope by having his biological dad in his life and was happy and content. Later the whole family returned to Wavie’s home town and his church to bring Sean into the fold and celebrate their new found connection.


Then Find My Family traveled to Santa Clarita, California to meet with Maria Finn, a 43-year-old woman who wanted to reconnect with her birth mother. Maria was raised in a loving environment and couldn’t be happier with her adoptive family, but felt that something was missing in her life. She wanted to make sure her birth mother knows that her life has been a blessed one and, more importantly, that she made the right decision giving up Maria for adoption. Maria’s adoptive mother, Rose Belle, also wanted to thank Maria’s birth mother for the incredible gift she was given. Maria has attempted her own search for years, but had no strong leads. She only had one piece of information, a St. Jude medal her birth mother left with her that she has worn every day for years.

The Find My Family team had little to go on except the Christian medal, Maria’s birth name, Jude Genovese, and some generic family information left behind in her adoption file. The investigators began checking forestry records to search for Maria’s mom through her brothers. Upon finding an obituary with the name of one of Maria’s deceased Uncles, they tracked down a woman named Carol Conway who confirmed that she was indeed Maria’s biological mother.


Lisa went to meet Carol and Carol explained at seventeen she found out she was pregnant. She told Lisa that no one in her family knew that she had a child. She had also kept the secret from her children that she has now. Carol read the letter given from Maria and held the pendant that Carol had given her baby on the first day of her life when she had her daughter baptized. Carol was excited and knew that her children Nicole and Nicholas would be thrilled with Maria.

Tim met with Maria and showed her a picture of her biological mother Carol. She felt as if she had gone to Disneyland twenty thousand times over and had that piece back in her life. Tim told Maria to pack up as she was about to meet her whole family.


At The Family Tree Maria wanted to take off her shoes and run up the hill and as the two women met they cried and embraced each other. Maria thanked Carol for giving her her life and told her that she did okay. Maria’s girls and husband came up the hill and met Carol. It was a whole new beginning for this family and they were grateful that they had found each other. Later Maria’s adoptive mother and her birth mother met for the first time and Carol also brought her other children Nicholas and Nicole to meet Maria. It was the first of many family reunions to come!

Next week, two more families come together under the Family Tree as Find My Family airs Monday at 9 PM ET, on the ABC with Tim Green and Lisa Joyner as the hosts..

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