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The Sing Off 12/15/09: Chart Toppers and Guilty Pleasures

December 15, 2009 08:21 PM by Paulene Hinds


Tonight on The Sing Off, the excitement continued as six a cappella groups battled it out in front of America and the judges by singing chart toppers and guilty pleasures; songs from the 60′s, 70′s, 80′s, 90′s and today. One group will be eliminated from the competition tonight. Will Your favorite group go on or will they be singing their swan song this evening?


Host Nick Lachey let the crowd know what was at stake for the groups, a recording contract by Sony music and one hundred thousand dollars! He then introduced the six remaining groups and Ben Folds, Nicole Scherzinger and Shawn Stockman who were serving as judges tonight.

The first group up was The Beelzebubs singing Right Round. They were trying to put a dramatic flair on the hit tonight and they really did! I thought they were amazing! Ben Folds said that there was no novelty to the group and they really knew what they were doing. Nicole Scherzinger said that the group was sexy and loved their innovation. Shawn Stockman told the guys that they rocked it!

Up next was Noteworthy. This group couldn’t cut it last night, but they made it through? They were singing Viva La Vida this evening and the group was hoping to make this an iconic performance. Their song was fantastic tonight. I bet they were thankful to have a second chance. Shawn said that he loved the fact that the group took a step and came out, warming it up a bit. Some parts were still off, but the group took the chance and he thought it worked. Ben said that the group had loads of charisma and he loved the bass singer. Nicole said other than liking the outfits, she thought that the group found a good key, but found the song a little too low.

Voices of Lee were singing No One tonight for America. The group planned to work together to make the magic happen. Their lead singer had a smooth melodic voice and the back up singing was in line with her. Nicole thought that Candace did a great job and the group held their own. Shawn thought that he felt the group tonight and really enjoyed the lead with the nice set in background and Ben thought that the group had grown and loved their arrangement with fantastic bass lines.


As the competition continued, the next group Nota were singing Down. They were ready to bring Puerto Rico to LA and felt that this performance needed to be 100%. Smokin’ HOT! Shawn began by saying, “WOW!” and that the group was effortless. Ben commented that the show was getting very good now, especially with David’s rock star voice and Nicole said that she didn’t have any ear tweaking, loving their intro as she was taken somewhere else. This group is going to win if I can vote…sexy David!

The SoCals went to work practicing Already Gone for tonight. They were having difficulty finding texture with only eight voices and were really hoping to knock it out of the park. The group captured the emotion of the song, but their lead singer was not as strong as a few of the other groups. Shawn said that everyone has stepped their game up tonight and he was getting chills from the group. He thought that Kelly did her thing and sang from her gut, but the group could have used a bit more bass. Nicole loved the song and thought that Kelly had a beautiful voice. Ben agreed with the other judges and felt that the group nailed it adding shimmer to their performance.


The Barbershop soccer moms, Maxx Factor were singing next and their chart topping hit was Love Story. The group was having difficulty stepping out of the box, but they did their best with what they had. Barbershop is not my favorite, but the song was cool. Ben thought that they had invented their own style and Shawn said that this group was helping to make this show the hottest in the country. Nicole said that the ladies did their thing and were so tight with beautiful blends.

The big hits were done and now it was time for guilty pleasure songs on The Sing Off. The Beelzebubs were singing Come Sail Away and they took goofiness over the edge with their performance. Ben laughed and said he thought the song was good. Shawn continued to laugh and said that he didn’t think the group should be embarrassed to do anything after singing that song. Nicole said that she went sailing away with them and loved the voices.

Noteworthy had given their take on modern rock and now they were singing a girly song Hold On. I didn’t like the song as much as their first, but they had lots of energy. Nicole thought that Kelsey did a good job holding down her part and felt the groove in the second half. Ben liked to see the girls goof off, but wanted the girls to work harder. Shawn said that he liked the beat box, but he felt that the girls were missing some mellow tones.


Voices of Lee were singing the guilty pleasure song Freedom and they were hoping that the audience would chime in during their song tonight. I really enjoy the tones in this group! Ben thought that the group’s singing was slick and was freaked out! Nicole said she felt a sense of freedom and was liberated with the big beautiful, warm gospel sound. Shawn said that the group pulled out another side of Voices of Lee, but they were missing the mid range in their song.

It was time to get out those bell bottoms and flip on those lava lamps as Nota sang Stayin’ Alive. I am really fond of these guys…it doesn’t hurt that I have a crush on their main man of the group! They really hit the high notes….stayin’ alive honey. Shawn said that women love a falsetto and the group sounded hot! Nicole said that she was feeling it and it was real funky and Ben’s thoughts were that the group knows who they are and even though they were a little sharp they were awesome.


The next team So Cals, took singing very seriously and they were singing Nothing Is Gonna Stop Us Now. They just wanted to rock everyone’s faces off and have a good time with this song. They were a little too cheesy for my liking, but Ben thought that they had a great musical theater edge tonight. Shawn said that this song was all about melodrama and they brought it and Nicole said she loved it.

Maxx Factor was the final group of the evening and they came out singing Rehab. This song was awesome for the ladies and they really expressed the song well. Shawn thought the performance was good although he had heard them sing better.  Nicole loved the personality of what the song brought out in the women and Ben said that he thought that the women had lost the song a little bit.

Six mega hits and six guilty pleasure songs were now done, who would be singing again and who would sing their swan song this evening?


Nick Lachey then announced that Nota and The Beelzebubs were moving on to tomorrow night along with Voices of Lee, The So Cals and Maxx Factor which meant that Note Worthy was heading home tonight! They sang their swan song Happy Ending!

Tomorrow night, the groups are rockin’ melodies of the most famous songs of all time and the phone lines will be opened to America so they can vote for their favorites! Be sure to tune in tomorrow at 8 pm EST for another episode of The Sing Off on NBC.

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Photos courtesy of: NBC

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