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Launch My Line: Animal One Piece

December 16, 2009 10:02 PM by Lisa Princ


Tonight is an all new episode of Launch My Line on BRAVO. With a reduction in time and an odd request, would our designers be able to pull this challenge off? Those who think they have it in the bag, really have no clue while others work hard to get their design finished. Who will win the challenge and who’s line will be dropped this week? Read on to find out!

Dan and Dean decide to up the ante a bit tonight on Launch My Line as they inform the designers that their designs must be completed n 27 hrs, almost a whole day less than they normally get. Their challenge this week is to make a one piece outfit, anything but a dress. They can create pants, shorts etc but strictly no dresses allowed this week.

For their inspiration, Dan and Dean lead them to a picnic table out back with baskets on it. Each designer is asked to take a basket and inside contains some sort of feed for an animal. Next, they bring in the animals. They must match up the feed with the animal, and that animal is their inspiration for the design. We had everything from a toucan, to a tarantula, to a python. Let’s see what our designers came up with.

Patrick and Roberto:
Patrick was not at thrilled to have chosen the snake. They stuck with green and were going for a pantsuit, however when their model arrived her hips were larger than they had planned. Roberto cut and tucked away at the fabric until it looked more like a beach outfit than anything.

Merle and Thai:
Merle had chosen the tortoise which thrilled her because of the shell and the colors. They came up with a great burnt sienna one piece that very elegant. Merle even commented that she would wear this herself.


Kathy and Emil:
Kathy chose the zebra. Instead of going over the top and taking things too literally like she did last week, Kathy decided they would do simple with accents. They designed a sleek, sleeveless black jumpsuits with pants and topped it off with a zebra fabric belt intertwined with some bright red fabric made to look like rope. Very safe choice for them this week.

Vanessa and Tressa:
Vanessa had chosen the chinchilla and of course Vanessa was thrilled with the idea of another jumpsuit since that is her trademark. She was extremely confident that she would win the challenge. Her design however would prove otherwise. They did a short, very puffy short jumpsuit laced with chinchilla “fur” on the legs. It was very tacky looking.

Eric and Julie:
Eric chose the toucan. He actually had the opportunity to swap his animal since he won last week’s challenge, but he chose not to as he loved the toucan’s bright colors. They did a sleeveless pants jumpsuit in deep bright blue, laced with a bright red belt. Definitely very hip and party ready.

Marilyn and Coco:
Marilyn chose the tarantula. She decided as much as she didn’t like bugs of any sort, she would make it work. And they did, they created a beautiful beige jumpsuit that one long sleeve with a little bit of skin showing and sleeveless on the other side. Very elegant and chic, and I think the fact that Marilyn and Coco worked together this week instead of bickering really helped them.


Kevin and Akiko:
Kevin chose the llama. They decided to create a piece jumpsuit for the club, and it fell flat. The color was great, almost silver but the design just did not work. Their jumper had a beautiful top, but the pants had a tight ankle cuff and a huge tush section almost resembling the old parachute pants of the 80′s.

Louanna and Jim:
Louanna chose the monkey. She came up with a beautiful design beige in color. It was a capri style jumpsuit with a built in belt and tie up pants in a satiny fabric. Very elegant and chic.

Now it was time for the runway on Launch My Line. Dan & Dean called out Louanna, Eric, and Merle to let them know they were all safe, leaving Patrick, Vanessa, Kevin, Marilyn and Kathy. Then they praised both Kathy and Marilyn letting them know they were the top two, but Kathy had won the challenge.

Patrick, Vanessa and Kevin took in all the critique and anxiously waited for the judges’ decision. After careful deliberation, they decided it was Kevin’s line that was being dropped. What a relief for Vanessa who has been escaping elimination for the past 3 weeks now, and Patrick who has been good up until tonight.

Be sure to tune in next Wednesday at our new time of 10 pm EST for an all new episode of Launch My Line on BRAVO. See you after the show!

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Photos courtesy of: BRAVO

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