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The Sing Off 12/16/09: The Judges Choice And Three Head Into The Finals

December 16, 2009 08:40 PM by Paulene Hinds


Tonight only four groups graced the stage for the judges choice songs. Host Nick Lachey announced the four groups surviving to sing this evening and they were the Beelzebubs, Voices Of Lee, Nota and the SoCals which meant that Maxx Factor was heading home. As the a cappella singing competition is winding down, the four remaining groups were ready to perform songs selected by the judges which were popular medley’s from major artists over the last few decades.Who else will be eliminated tonight, who will you be voting for and who will win the final round next week on The Sing Off?


The first group, Nota, sang Sledge Hammer, which was chosen by judge Ben Folds. Holy Wow! Ben was excited to see the group freaked out by the song, but he thought that they nailed it. Nicole Scherzinger thought that the song showcased the talents of the group and she closed her eyes and didn’t miss any of the elements. Shawn Stockman said that he loved them all, but this was the first time he felt that he heard the group feel slightly uncomfortable.

The next amazing group to perform tonight was the Beelzebubs. They were singing Sweet Caroline chosen by Nicole. Smooth singing guys and the roses for Nicole didn’t hurt either! Nicole said that she was swept away and the song was understated and charming. Ben said that the song was very smooth and cool and Shawn said that he thought he was listening to Neil Diamond!

The SoCals were ready to step up to the challenge from the judges tonight and the song chosen was The Hazy Shade of Winter. Shawn thought that the group could freak the song in a very good way. Unfortunately for me, they sounded a little off and the song was not that enjoyable. Ben said that the song was epic, but lost the song a little bit. Shawn said that he loved the fact that the group was taking chances, but he lost the rhythm at one point. Nicole said that she liked the energy and the fact that the group could break it down the way they did.

With only one performance left before decision time, the final group Voices Of Lee came out singing Man in the Mirror. They chose to sing the song as a trio so that people would not compare them to Michael Jackson and they did an amazing job! Shawn thought that the song had an interesting arrangement, but he didn’t feel the power. Nicole agreed with Shawn and felt that the song could have had a more powerful impact. Ben said that he didn’t know the original that well and was moved by the song which caused Shawn to interject and say that they should have used some of the original parts to make it more real.


Four more groups had faced the music and the judges were left to make a difficult decision. With the moment of truth, Nick Lachey handed down the judges decision tonight. The three groups that would be moving on to the Live Season Finale next week were the Beelzebubs, Nota and Voices of Lee which meant that the SoCals would be singing their swan song this evening and heading home.

Now it is up to you America to choose who will be the big winner of the Sony recording contract and the one hundred thousand dollar prize. Vote for your favorite and make sure that you tune into the live finale of The Sing Off next Monday, December 21 at 8 PM ET on NBC.

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One Response to “The Sing Off 12/16/09: The Judges Choice And Three Head Into The Finals”

  1. jkebbr Says:
    December 17th, 2009 at 6:31 am

    great show, choices for the finals..But u need to dump NICK..he seems so rigid..like he doesnt what to be there..as friendly as a prickly pear..loosen up dude..be more personable..


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