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Survivor Samoa Sets Up The Finale With A Surprising Elimination

December 17, 2009 07:25 PM by DA Southern


Survivor Samoa’s time is running down on the island of misfit toys. A little seasonal humor for you as we look to the end of Survivor Samoa. Tonight sets the stage for the big finale on Sunday and the question on everybody’s mind; Can Russell hold on to the end. OK, maybe just in my mind, but I am sure many are asking the same question.

After the shocking double elimination in the last episode, it looks as the once lowly Foa-Foa has ascended to the top of the crap heap and now looks to bring it home. Dear little Monica looks to be next on the firing line but the winds of change serve up different scenarios as quick as you can say “Hey look, Russell has found another immunity idol.”


Some interesting tidbits were thrown at us in camp to keep things interesting before the fist challenge.  Shambo’s hair; the answer is “Since 1986″ for those playing at home and Brett looked to be doing some spiritual matters to get to Natalie.

The Reward Challenge

The overall goal of the challenge is a rope and coconut game. The task was to pull a series of intersecting ropes and every time a coconut falls, the team is penalized and the first team to 100 loses. The reward; an overnight stay in a village and have everyone else in the tribe scheming against you. I am not sure how good a reward like this is at this point in the game.


Russell and Natalie were captains. Russell picks Jaison and Shambo and Natalie gets Mick and Brett. Shambo drops four quickly and Mick follows with two. Jaison takes a seven coconut hit and Natalie loses one.

After a lot of back and forth, including Mick taking a nineteen coconut hit and Shambo predicting that Natalie will take a fifty-eight coconut loss, that is exactly what happens. OK, now that woman is starting to just plain freak me out making the score 81 – 77. Russell skirts through with out losing one and Brett takes a twenty-three hit, pushing them over the 100 mark. Jaison, Russell and Shambo win reward.


With Russell now out of shouting range of Natalie while on reward, she begins to look at the possibility of teaming with Brett and Mick and the three pretty much did as predicted; look to form an alliance of sorts or, if nothing else, promised to be BFF’s forever.

Immunity Challenge

The challenge is to count the number of objects at each of six stations then solve a puzzle. The trick: some of these items are moving. Mick is the first to get all six numbers, followed by Jaison, Russell and Brett. There is not much room for error as if any of the numbers are wrong, the survivor is pretty much out of a chance for immunity. Jaison and Mick are incorrect and Brett wins a pretty crucial immunity.

Tribal Council

Not that any plan to get rid of Brett is off the table, Mick looks to be in the sights of Russell with Jaison leaning towards Shambo, believe it or not. You gotta think it was because she is just quirky enough to win this thing if she goes to the end. Russell begins his “Stratergery” and tells Shambo that Jaison is gunning for Mick, but Shambo seems to have her “Spidey sense” telling her a different story. Russell takes his “Get rid of Shambo” carnival out to the masses and it looks as though the Shambo is toast.


After the usual banter, the votes are cast and host, Jeff Probst, ask about the immunity idol and Russell seems to be confident and it looks as though if he is not blind-sided, he will have to play it the next Tribal Council getting him to at least the top four.


The votes are unanimous for Shambo and she is the next one to sit on the jury, leaving her a bit shocked as we head into the finale on Sunday and Russell out a key partner to depend on.

Survivor is now quickly winding down with just one episode remaining.  Find out who wins the $1 million during the live finale from Hollywood on Sunday, December 20.  And as we have brought you for the last few years, stay tuned for all of Ryan Haidet’s exclusive coverage from the finale and the red carpet.

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