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Dancing With The Stars: Lacey Schwimmer Opens Up About Struggle With Anorexia

December 18, 2009 03:08 PM by Britteny Elrick


The adorable Lacey Schwimmer first came onto the Dancing With The Stars scene in 2008. Since then, she has continued to grace us with her amazing choreography and bubbly personality for three seasons. Recently, Lacey has decided to come forward with a personal secret that she hopes will change lives…

Lacey spoke with Access Hollywood about her battle with anorexia that started when she was only 13. “I was really, really scary thin. And I saw a picture of myself from some dance competition…” She went on to talk about how her parents kept her on a very rigid dance rehearsal schedule of almost 10 hours a day.

When asked what she would eat in a typical day, Lacey responded, “I ate a packet of turkey, which was about six slices of turkey — give or take.” “I skipped breakfast and I would eat at around like 2, 3 o’clock and then I would have a candy bar for dinner and just drink orange juice throughout the day,” she said. Lacey also said that she would drink energy beverages to keep herself going.

“My waist is insanely thin; my hair was starting to fall out; it was getting thin,” she said when referring to a picture of herself from awhile ago. ”My skin looked gray and that’s when… I was like, ‘Alright, this isn’t cool.’ I saw other girls that were healthy and happy at my age and I was not like that whatsoever.” 

Now Lacey said that she is finally happy with her body image. “I am comfortable in my own skin finally. Women are so self-conscious already and then when people just poke at you and [are just] like, ‘You’re big’… or ‘You’re too big to be on TV.’ You know, it kills you inside,” she said.

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