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Survivor Samoa: Exit Interview With Shambo

December 20, 2009 09:00 AM by Britteny Elrick


Last Thursday, Shannon “Shambo” Waters became the fifteenth contestant eliminated from Survivor: Samoa. During a post-elimination interview with Reality TV World, Shambo admitted that she knew she was going home and also talked about the ups and downs of living with the other castaways – including that whole fiasco with Galu. Keep reading to see what she said…

Shambo spoke with Reality TV World about her experience on the island, which begs the question – how did she even get cast on the show? “First time applying for the show. I sent a video in. I was wearing some camouflage, a bandana, combat boots — sitting on my big ole’ Harley Davidson with my Scottish Highlander bullhorns, which is very stunning. I pointed out that they’ve never had a former woman Marine Corps. sergeant on their show,” she said. 

When asked if she was surprised to be voted off last Thursday, she responded, ”I was absolutely factually positive that I was going to be going home.” “It was kind of a no-brainer,” she continued. ”I knew those guys so well after all that time spent. [Jaison Robinson] turned around and walked off, it was just set in motion right then.”

Shambo said that the editing leading up to elimination didn’t deceive us. “I absolutely, positively did not scramble. I asked Russell on three occasions that day — the same question three different ways — and he gave me three different answers. So I packed my shit,” she added. 

Even though she didn’t scramble to save her life, did she consider any re-teaming options with Foa Foa? Shambo answered, “Nope. Throughout the history of this show, whatever my word was was my bond. There was absolutely no point in making me look like a crap to the world in the twelfth hour. It was what it was. If I was Foa Foa I would have picked me too with that Immunity Idol around Brett’s neck because at least they had loyalty to each other throughout the game and at least I respect that.”

So what about that whole Galu thing? “I didn’t turn on Galu,” she said. ”Galu imploded themselves by voting one of their own.” Speaking of Galu, most of the jury was made up of the Galu tribe – so would that have played in her favor if she made it to the finals? “I think I could have walked away with $1 million had I been pitched against two Foa Foas. I think I would have gotten exactly enough votes to win. I needed Russ to believe that all the Galu hated me, but all the Galu didn’t hate me. But I needed him to believe that. I know that there was a lot of dissension with Galu. It could have gone either way. It’s really a crap shoot and it doesn’t really matter now.”

When asked if she agreed with other Galu members who said she played by her emotions, Shambo said, ”That’s just hilarity. That’s just hilarity. You know where these people get this shit from? It’s because I’m so honest and openly — I would walk up to Brett and say, ‘Brett, I know this is really going to hurt you, but I’m voting for Laura tonight.’ Because I was honest that makes me emotional? Because I’m freezing to death and I’m crying and my hands feel like they have third-degree burns on them after we got that skin infection on our hands and I’m bawling like a baby? That makes me emotional? No. That makes me in pain.”

You can check out the entire interview at RealityTVWorld.com.

Survivor is now quickly winding down with just one episode remaining.  Find out who wins the $1 million during the live finale from Hollywood on Sunday, December 20.  And as we have brought you for the last few years, stay tuned for all of Ryan Haidet’s exclusive coverage from the finale and the red carpet.

For other great Survivor: Samoa news, please feel free to check out SirLinksALot: Survivor Samoa. Discuss on ourreality TV message boards.

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  1. dougmtn Says:
    December 20th, 2009 at 8:25 pm

    Another outcome that shows why AMERICA is so screwed up, full of PETTY IDIOTS who vote for the least deserving person, and dump on RUSSEL why? because he only found IDOLS with no clue, brought 4 people into a merge and defeated the other tribe, and won the most important immunity challenge, BUT HIS METHODS WERE OFFENSIVE TO THE LOSERS, and he was rich and successful, the show keeps exposing who worthless and petty and hateful THE REAL LOSERS in this country really are, RUSSEL YOU WERE THE BEST PLAYER THIS WORTHLESS SHOW EVER HAD PLAY, the jury except shambo and whoever was the other vote for russle, YOU ARE LOSERS AND RUSSEL PROVED IT IN PLAY, and you yourselves proved it in votes, more OBAMA FANS IM SURE!!!!!!!


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